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nettime-nl: Democracies on-line (Netherlands-Ireland)
geert on Thu, 21 May 1998 19:01:33 +0200 (MET DST)

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nettime-nl: Democracies on-line (Netherlands-Ireland)

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Date: Wed, 20 May 1998 23:48:49 -0500
From: Steven Clift <clift {AT} publicus.net>
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From:          Self <free>
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Date:          Tue, 19 May 1998 22:59:28 -0500

This is a quick note to let DO-WIRE and PUBPOL-L (cc: 
el-democracy, edem-elect) know that I will be in the Republic of 
Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Netherlands over the next few 

Along with a conference presentation at the European Major Cities IT
conference I will give a public "Democracies Online"  presentation in
Dublin in the early evening of Thursday, May 28. On Tuesday, June 2 I will
present late afternoon in Belfast, Northern Ireland.  If you would like
more information about either event, please send me e-mail: 
clift {AT} publicus.net

On Thursday, June 4 and Friday, June 5 I will be in the Netherlands.  An
informal group is gathering the evening of June 4 in Amsterdam.  A formal
presentation isn't planned (unless someone really would like to organize
one), but I do hope to arrange a few site visits to community networking
and democracy online projects.  Let me know if you would like to meet
during the day or join us in the evening, send e-mail to: 
clift {AT} publicus.net

I am also starting research on comprehensive IT planning and development
support for non-profit/voluntary organizations.  I could use tips on
projects to contact here and in Ireland as well.  In this case government
or foundation funding efforts are of special interest. 


Steven Clift - http://www.publicus.net - clift {AT} publicus.net
Democracies Online, etc.

P.S. To get a sense of my most recent work, please visit the Markle
Foundation's E-Mail for All effort.  I recently produced the Universal
Access Conversation online event:  http://www.iaginteractive.com/emfa

   Steven Clift - Public Strategies for the Online World
        3454 Fremont Ave S   T: +1.612.822.8667
        Mpls, MN 55408 USA   E: clift {AT} publicus.net
  Consulting and Home Page - http://www.publicus.net            
  Democracies Online - http://www.e-democracy.org/do 
  E-Mail for All - http://www.iaginteractive.com/emfa

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