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nettime-nl: B92 berichten (engelstalig)
Josephine Bosma on Wed, 24 Mar 1999 22:21:45 +0100 (CET)

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nettime-nl: B92 berichten (engelstalig)

[is dit waar Eric om vroeg? en Patrice, nee, ik bedoelde niet de
n5m organisatoren onderling.. groet  J


>Wat informatie over B92 betreft, zijn journalisten gelukkig niet
>afhankelijk van n5m. En wat campagnevoeren betreft kunnen de organisatoren
>van n5m blijkbaar nog wat leren van hun eigen programma.
zoveel materiaal op een dienblaadje is nog niet genoeg? B92 was niet
de enige belangrijke gast...  Er zijn verschillende pressreleases naar
nederlandse pers gegaan. Het ligt aan de journalist en niet aan de
presentatie als de waarde van de inhoud hiervan niet herkend wordt. ]

Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1999 15:13:58 +0200
To: CommUnARDS <communards {AT} uia.ua.ac.be>
From: Marija Milosavljevic <marija {AT} opennet.org> (transmis par Philippe
Subject: B92 Chief Editor Released after Eight Hours in Detention

B92 press release

B92 Chief Editor Released after Eight Hours in Detention

BELGRADE, March 24 -- Radio B92 Editor-in-Chief Veran Matic was released
shortly before noon today after being held in police custody for more than
eight hours.  Matic was arrested just after three a.m. today by police
accompanying inspectors from the Yugoslav Telecommunications Ministry who
delivered and enforced an order banning the station's transmission.  Matic
is also the chairmen of ANEM, Yugoslavia's Association of Independent
Electronic Media.

Neither Matic nor Radio B92's lawyers have received any official
information on the reasons for Matic's arrest.  During his time in police
custody he was not permitted contact with his family or lawyers.  He was
not questioned by police.

Radio B92 was taken off the air at 2.50 a.m. when station staff complied
with a written order delivered by Ministry inspectors.  The inspectors
seized transmission equipment, preventing the resumption of transmissions.

The arrest of Veran Matic and the disruption to Radio B92's broadcasts are
part of an increasingly radical government suppression of independent
media, creating unrest and fear in the people of Yugoslavia.  They are also
a direct message to the international community that the Serbian regime is
prepared resort to such measures against its citizens as part of its
confrontation with the rest of the world.    Radio B92 and ANEM have warned
that this can only exacerbate division, fear and unrest in the society.

The struggle for the liberation of Radio B92 is a struggle for a normal,
dignified and peaceful life for us all.   Radio B92 and ANEM have pledged
to do all in their power to provide professional information to the people
of Yugoslavia on all events in this country. Radio B92's programs will
continue to be available to a huge number of Yugoslav citizens through
ANEM's affiliate stations throughout the country

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