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nettime-nl: Re: Unwanted anonymous "WANTED" E-mail from a Yahoo account
Josselien Janssens on Wed, 21 Jul 1999 00:40:06 +0200 (CEST)

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nettime-nl: Re: Unwanted anonymous "WANTED" E-mail from a Yahoo account

Dear Nettimers,

Did anybody get the attached message from this anonymous "Judge Dredd" 
<justitia2000 {AT} yahoo.co.uk> too? Or similar messages? Please let me know. 

I've deleted the names and identification details of the people "Judge
Dredd" mentions in the interest of their privacy. 

Josselien Janssens schreef:
> Dear Judge Dredd,
> If you have a crime to report or suspect one, you go to the police. I
> just did an Altavista search on "justitia2000" and got no matches. So I
> demand to know:
>         1) who you are, and
>         2) how you got my email address
>         3) why you are sending personal details of people to strangers without
> identifying yourself and your relationship with the people in question.
> Even if you were "That Man, That Mr. Clinton", Abraham Lincoln, Joan of
> Arc, Tony Blair, Mahatma Ghandi, Guru Nanek, Dart Vader, Big Brother, 
> the Mother of all Mothers
> or God Himself, I would NOT appreciate receiving this kind of anonymous
> e-mail from you and would tell you so. Especially not since I got it
> four times.
> I care a lot about national security and always have time for civilised
> e-mail correspondence with peaceful people from whichever country or
> belief - mine as well as yours. 
> Because I care a lot about my life and that of my fellow world citizens,
> I am not in the business of drug trafficking and dealing with stolen
> merchandise. Therefore it is unlikely I would bump into any of the
> individuals that you mention.
> If indeed they are the criminals you say they are. And since I don't
> know who you are and what your relationship is with the people you
> mention, I can't take your word for anything seriously.
> I am copying this to the Privacy department of Yahoo and demand that
> they treat this as a serious complaint, and ensure that I will get no
> further unwanted anonymous email from their server.
> In the mean time, Judge, Dredd Off.
> Josselien Janssens,
> Amsterdam



> judge dredd schreef:
> >
> >
> >                                                Gateway To Europe And
> > Beyond
> > -------------------------------------------------------
> >
> >
> > in the interest of national security the following people are illegally
> > trafficking drugs anddealing withstolen merchandise and
> > criminalisation.
> > mr. NAME (illegal travel agent)XX yrs old,charging CURRENCY 2,500.00
> > per person to take them to COUNTRY.
> > mr. NAME (XX yrs);mr. NAME (XX yrs).
> > the above 3 are brothers.they also have a brother
> > mr. NAME (XX yrs)who has travelled on
> > a stolen NATIONALITY passport to first CITY and now staying in
> > CITY since january 1997.
> > his cousin mrs. NAME (XX yrs)of ADDRESS/PHONE NUMBER ent him the passport.
> > Mr.NAME is currently working illegally in
> > a grocery store(NAME) in ADDRESS.Latest(july1999).
> > He has a RELIGION girlfriend(NATIONALITY born) who has also
> > been sent to CITY for a holiday by NAME.
> > She has runaway from her family in CITY where she
> > befriended him.
> >
> > There home location still a mystery!
> > her brother mr.NAME (XX yrs)anduncle mr. NAME (XX
> > yrs);and other cousins mr. NAME (XX yrs)
> > +mr. NAME (XX)are all residing and causing corruption in
> > CITY, COUNTRY.we have no address for these
> > people but 2 telephone numbers which should lead to these people.god
> > willing.
> > TEL NO'S 
pervious adress:
> > tel.no: TEL NO.work: TEL NO 
> > Quite a few of their colleagues have gone beyond to COUNTRY and COUNTRY
> > illegally.
> > All the best.
> >
> > _____________________________________________________________
> > Get your free  {AT} yahoo.co.uk address at http://mail.yahoo.co.uk
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