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geert lovink on Sun, 12 Dec 1999 00:30:47 +0100 (CET)

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nettime-nl: mens/amstrong: optreden/performance in the office building of the lost boys

From: radboud {AT} preg.org

Radboud Mens & Dan Armstrong

enclosed harmonics

Tuesday, December 14 1999

Lost Boys Interactive
Herengracht 410
1001 AB Amsterdam
The Netherlands

"Stairwell/Trappenhuis" is part 2 in an ongoing series of installations and
performances in Amsterdam on experience of and "relationship with" sound and
spaces.  This performance consists of generated guitar loops and minimal
effects played to an audience located on the stairwell.

Radboud Mens and Dan Armstrong herewith perform a short performance at the
public space within the offices of Lost Boys in downtown Amsterdam.  The
concept behind the performance has crafted for the unique space created by
the recent re-design of the stairway in the Lost Boys offices, and its
interaction with the old building and the open spaces in which it has been

We believe that this space has a unique ability to warp induced sounds and
the stairwell allows visitors to change their position in relation to the
sound source in ways that dramatically changes the nature of the
performance. The character of the space creates "sound bands" in which the
visitor can either remain stationary and experience the sounds - or travel
between these bands to hear different reinforced harmonics, standing
soundwaves, and rhythms.


The series entitled "SOUND AND DISTANCE" hopes to create experiences during
which the visitor can utilise space, time, and a physical relationship to
sound objects in new and un-replicable ways.


Using x to calculate the resonant modes of a rectangular room. Room
dimensions are in metric units and the modes will be listed in sequence.
Mode numbers have significant digits and these numbers are not incremented
as modes are calculated.  The first digit represents the order of the mode
for the X dimension, the second for the Y dimension and so on (A1 means that
the mode is a first order, or fundamental, mode for the given dimension
which implies that it is louder than a second order mode.).


     X = 05 metres
     Y = 03 metres
     Z = 20 metres

as a round room size estimation, the resonant modes of the stairwell become:

Mode: 000     0 Hz
Mode: 001     8.6 Hz
Mode: 002     17.2 Hz
Mode: 003     25.8 Hz
Mode: 010     57.3333333333333 Hz
Mode: 011     57.9747454596492 Hz
Mode: 012     59.8577573177538 Hz
Mode: 013     62.8709083051224 Hz
Mode: 020     114.666666666667 Hz
Mode: 021     114.988714422088 Hz
Mode: 022     115.949490919298 Hz
Mode: 023     117.533333333333 Hz
Mode: 030     172 Hz
Mode: 031     172.214865792707 Hz
Mode: 032     172.857860683279 Hz
Mode: 033     173.924236378947 Hz
Mode: 100     34.4 Hz
Mode: 101     35.4587083803119 Hz
Mode: 102     38.4603692129964 Hz
Mode: 103     43 Hz
Mode: 110     66.8615817275594 Hz
Mode: 111     67.4123958268145 Hz
Mode: 112     69.0384755850758 Hz
Mode: 113     71.6666666666667 Hz
Mode: 120     119.715514635508 Hz
Mode: 121     120.024016115294 Hz
Mode: 122     120.944799162446 Hz
Mode: 123     122.464053682885 Hz
Mode: 130     175.406271267592 Hz
Mode: 131     175.616969567294 Hz
Mode: 132     176.247553174505 Hz
Mode: 133     177.293541901559 Hz
Mode: 200     68.8 Hz
Mode: 201     69.3354166353675 Hz
Mode: 202     70.9174167606238 Hz
Mode: 203     73.4784322097308 Hz
Mode: 210     89.557529617063 Hz
Mode: 211     89.9695010051246 Hz
Mode: 212     91.1942493313647 Hz
Mode: 213     93.1997377201841 Hz
Mode: 220     133.723163455119 Hz
Mode: 221     133.999419567565 Hz
Mode: 222     134.824791653629 Hz
Mode: 223     136.189296365186 Hz
Mode: 230     185.249669365427 Hz
Mode: 231     185.449184414491 Hz
Mode: 232     186.046445813942 Hz
Mode: 233     187.037643270011 Hz
Mode: 300     103.2 Hz
Mode: 301     103.557713377614 Hz
Mode: 302     104.623515521129 Hz
Mode: 303     106.376125140936 Hz
Mode: 310     118.056558949984 Hz
Mode: 311     118.369384179825 Hz
Mode: 312     119.302938400993 Hz
Mode: 313     120.842836407919 Hz
Mode: 320     154.268222406445 Hz
Mode: 321     154.507748816829 Hz
Mode: 322     155.224110383807 Hz
Mode: 323     156.410755526736 Hz
Mode: 330     200.584745182678 Hz
Mode: 331     200.769021514775 Hz
Mode: 332     201.320838464378 Hz
Mode: 333     202.237187480443 Hz

For more information, see http://radiantslab.com.  Try the working frequency
response calculator utilising Bonello criteria at
http://radiantslab.com/luddite/bonello.html.  This tool is largely useful in
estimating what low frequency resonance (0-500Hz) in the Lost Boys space (or
other venues).  The equation extrudes the geometry of the space to determine
what order harmonic the frequency induced will be in the space.  First order
harmonics are the loudest and 2,3, and 4 are increasingly more quiet.

The formula also provides a guide although the real experience in this
stairwell is that the step (depending on how they are constructed) will
cause the 2 and 3 order modes to be different.

For more information and mails regarding further events, email
info {AT} radiantslab.com.
Radboud Mens
radboud {AT} staalplaat.com
personal email rat {AT} preg.org
www http://radiantslab.com/rat
ph +31 (0)625508761 ~ fax +31 (0)206239281
earbitten radio every wednesday night on Radio100
24:00 till 03:00 CET ~ http://desk.nl/~radio100/webcast.ram

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