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perjovschi dan on Sat, 5 May 2001 17:25:48 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] video

This year's Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- and Videofest
will take place November 14-18, 2001. The Kasseler
Dokumentarfilm- and Videofest is a festival which
aims at providing insight into current international
documentary filming and video work. We intend to
present critical, ambitious and entertaining
documentary films and videos committed to both reports
on current affairs and off-beat topics.
The video section of the Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- and
Videofest is also interested in experimental and
artistic videos, which reveal the use of video
specific means.
The exhibition MONITORING presents media art
installations and sculptures.
The entries should include a detailed sketch of the
project and a list of the technical equipment needed.

We look forward to receiving your new works - produced
in 2000 or 2001 
until August 15, 2001. If the original version is
neither in English nor in German, you should subtitle
your work or include a text file in English.
The selection will be finished by October 15. We will
inform you about our decision soon after. If your work
is selected, you will be contacted for a screening

For the first time in our history, we are able to
award prizes. For supporting the Media development in
Northern Hesse, an outstanding regional
production is going to be awarded with a prize worth
of DM 5.000 sponsored by the local daily newspaper
The Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V. awards the "Werkleitz
Award 2001" providing payment in kind of technical
support worth of around DM 10.000. The aim 
ofthe "Werkleitz Award" is to honor and support
artists which works indicate in a very special way the
innovative use of digital media.

This year's interfiction conference including
lectures, presentations and a seminar focuses on the
topic "multifiction://intershop. With or against the
current - world wide web based streaming media between
art, cultural industry, and commerce".
Watch out for the call for papers or projects online
www.interfiction.net (upcoming end of May).

Again, the Kasseler Dokumentarfilm- and Videofest will
cooperate with oVid - an internet database for
experimental film and video art:

You will find the entry form attached to this message
(AcrobatReader-file).If you have any problems with the
Acrobat-File please give us a short message, and we
will send the entry form by fax or snail-mail.
Get AcrobatReader: http://www.acrobat.com

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