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[Nettime-ro] Summer Academy for Performing Arts - Sofia 2001
Coordonator3 on Fri, 11 May 2001 16:51:56 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] Summer Academy for Performing Arts - Sofia 2001

CONCEPT Foundation announces:


Summer Academy for Performing Arts – Sofia 2001


Period: 16 July– 5 August 2001

Synopsis:  A regional interdisciplinary training project targeting independently working artists and practitioners from the Balkan region in the field of contemporary performing, visual, border-line arts, related management and artistic works in social context.

Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

Organiser: Soros Center for the Arts – Sofia / New Bulgarian University


The SUMMER ACADEMY FOR PERFORMING ARTS – SOFIA project has managed to create an European, flexible, interdisciplinary educational platform for professional communication between independently working artists in the field of performing arts in its broad contemporary definition from the Balkan region and the region of Central and Eastern Europe.



The project is aimed:

         To enlarge the professional culture and fill up the lack of information about techniques, methods and theories in the performing arts

         To develop a model programme for further professional training in the performing arts

         To facilitate/strengthen contacts between training providers in the performing arts and educational generators-bearers in the region and to give assistance to the educational institutions in Bulgaria in defining their new programmes

         To stimulate the idea of the necessity of further professional training after the high & university education

         To distribute knowledge and build up professional skills

         To create a platform for exchange of professional information and ideas

         To establish and explore a performance vocabulary transforming it into personal style of movement

         To create an opportunity for application of interdisciplinary approach to performing arts practice and education


This project is especially oriented to:

         researchers, practitioners, theoreticians and managers in the field of contemporary theatre and dance;

         advanced students in acting, dance theatre, visual performance, stage design, art management and architecture;

         young emerging professionals in the field of movement and physical theatre, dance, visual performance, up-coming art managers, active in the cultural field of the region.


Applications shall be submitted to SAPA- SOFIA 2001, by Monday, June 4, 2001.



For details, please contact CONCEPT Foundation, in:

Bucharest: Pictor Constantin Stahi Street, No.14, Cod 70764, Sector 1,

Tel: + 40-1-313 78 72  / 40-1-311 12 52, Fax: 40-1-311 12 53,

E-mail: info {AT} concept.osf.ro, Monday-Thursday: 13.00-17.00