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[Nettime-ro] a web compost 3
Stéphan Barron on Thu, 24 May 2001 18:23:08 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] a web compost 3


do you want to participate in my project compost ?
(Version française plus bas...)
Send a text(message)  to have it sent back to you each week during the next
three months in increasingly composted form.

Yo may chose a text : important, non-important, poetic, non poetic,
emotionnal, non-emotionnal...

You may 
1)either send the text from the site :

2) Or send your text to what_you_want {AT} com-post.org

More details :
After 3 months, the texts will be completely decomposed into syllables and
You can use these decomposed texts to write new ones.
All the decomposed texts can be read on the website.
Each submitted text is added and juxtaposed to the others in random order.
Com_post is a collective project on a planetary scale.

Com_post Concepts
Online artwork by Stéphan Barron.
Web surfers send in their texts by e-mail. Poetry, texts expressing love and
hate or utopian views, all forms are accepted.
All are then composted!
Just as we ourselves are composted!
Recycling as organic and cyclical technology, a technology of intelligence
and responsibility, of the link to the natural and artificial world.
Recycling as a perpetual and natural movement of things.
Compost on the Internet is a celebration of slowness during a time of
instantaneousness, a jubilant look at the microcosmic and the microscopic in
an interrelated and interdependent world.
It praises everyday individual gestures related to a collective whole.

Stephan Barron

envoyez un texte, un message... il sera décomposé et vous sera retourné
chaque semaine pendant 3 mois...

Un compost pour le web !!!
envoyez un texte, et il sera décomposé.
Vous le recevrez toutes le semaines pendant 3 mois.


Le site général de Stéphan Barron est

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