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[Nettime-ro] Fw: Cultural Program "Between | the | Lines"

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Sent: Friday, June 22, 2001 1:17 PM
Subject: Cultural Program "Between | the | Lines"

Between | the | Lines:  http://www.between-the-lines.com

We would like to ask your assistance with spreading the news about our
"Trans-National" Between the Lines Seminar from July 20 ­ 29th. The seminar
is the fifth seminar in the BTL program which started in February 2001.

The program is an opportunity for participants between the ages of 16 ­ 23
to explore issues of Personal, Cultural (inlcuding sub-culture and minority
culture), and National Identity in an open, active, and supportive
atmosphere. The workshops are designed with a creative approach to ther
themes and deal with questions like: "What are the differences between
Personal, National, and Cultural Identity? What and where is home? How do I
see the situation of my country? And, what opportunities exist for the

Participants can be from ALL South-East European countries (see details

An online application is available to all who would like to apply at:

Thank you for spreading the information and/or recommending participants.
Below you will find more detailed information. Please don¹t hesitate to
contact us with any questions or comments.
(mailto:team {AT} between-the-lines.com)


Scot McElvany
Director, CommunityArts Berlin & "Between the Lines"
Sarah Riese
Regional Coordinator

Ps. Of course, SHL and CAB are always interested in hearing about the work
and efforts of others. Please don¹t hesitate to make contact so we can
continue to expand the network of cooperation and resources.

Detailed Information
The Trans-National Seminar

Participants can be from the following countries: Albania,
Bosnia-Hercegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Romania,
Slovenia, Turkey, and Yugoslavia (Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo).

The seminar takes place from July 20 -  29 and will be located either in
Bosnia-Hercegovina or in Serbia. Accomodation and food are paid for by BTL,
and travel costs are supported for all accepted participants.

The Follow-Up Seminars

The Trans-National Seminar marks the end of the main BTL program for 2001.
However, for the most interested and active participants from each of the
previous seminars held throughout the Balkans (including the Trans-National)
there are 2 special follow-up seminars.

The first of these takes place in August at the SHL Youthhouse in Sarajevo.
This seminar is for those young people interested in developing "community"
projects in their local area. The seminar will assist them in creating
realistic project plans, the skills needed to implement the project, and
offers the possibility of financial and organizational assistance through
the program.

The second "special" seminar takes place in Berlin, Germany in November.
This seminar is for those who are interested in continuing further in the
direction of theater and performance. In Berlin, the mult-national group of
participants from throughout the Balkans work together with theater
professionals to create an original performance based on the BTL seminar
themes. This will be performed in Berlin and at schools and centers in
Northern Germany.

Cooperation Partners

Between the Lines is a cooperation project of CommunityArts Berlin (CAB) and
Schueler Helfen Leben e.V. (SHL). SHL is a German students organization
working in different regions throughout the Balkans. Its primary work is in
Sarajevo where they own and operate an International Youth House. There
seminars are developed in the fields of culture, media, politics, and school
student councils. CommunityArts Berlin is working in the field of social and
educational theater, and produces a diverse range of cultural projects. They
have produced work in the United States, England, Germany, and many
countries in Eastern Europe.

Scot McElvany |  CommunityArts Berlin
Tel. +49 30 797 418 62
fax. +49 30 797 418 63
mailto:team {AT} between-the-lines.com

Sarah Riese- Between the Lines Regional Coordinator
Schüler Helfen Leben in Sarajevo

+387-33-475000 or,
mailto:team {AT} between-the-lines.com