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 The 7th International Istanbul Biennial organised by the Istanbul
 Foundation for Culture and Arts
 will take place between 21 September - 17 November 2001. The 7th Biennial
 will be curated by
 Yuko Hasegawa under the title "EGOFUGAL: Fugue from Ego for the Next

 The 7th International Istanbul Biennial will raise the question of "How
 can we liberate ourselves
 from our egos while maintaining self-esteem?" Egofugality is not
 selflessness, or self-sacrifice,
 or compromise. Yuko Hasegawa perceives Egofugality, as a worldview in the
 three "c" visions, which
 are "collective consciousness", "collective intelligence" and
 "co-existence" verified by strong egofugal
 subjects. The three "c" elements will eventually replace the three "m"
 elements 'man', 'money' and
 'materialism' that played key roles in the progress of 20th century
 civilisation and which simultaneously
 spawned considerable problems and sickness. The 7th International Istanbul

 The 7th International Istanbul Biennial will host 63 artists including 9
 collaborative groups.
 The artists who are invited to participate in the Biennial are:

 Tomma Abts (United Kingdom)
 Francis Al˙s (Mexico)
 Cem Arik (Turkey)
 Maja Bajevic (Bosnia)
 Evgen Bavcar (France)
 Simone Berti (Italy)
 Rachel Berwick (U.S.A.)
 Mathieu Briand (France)
 Frédéric Bruly Bouabré (Ivory Coasts)
 Lee Bul (Korea)
 Chris Burden (U.S.A.)
 Hussein Chalayan (United Kingdom)
 Lygia Clark (Brasil)
 Chris Cunningham (United Kingdom)
 Stan Douglas (Canada)
 Du Weng-Sig (Taiwan)
 Leandro Erlich (Argentina)
 Michael Elmgreen & Ingar Dragset (Denmark)
 EXONEMO (Japan)
 Jan Fabre (Belgium)
 Yang Fudong (China)
 Anya Gallacio (United Kingdom)
 Alberto Garutti (Italy)
 Leyla Gediz (Turkey)
 Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster (France)
 Isa Genzken (Germany)
 Rodney Graham (Canada)
 Kazuhiko Hachiya (Japan)
 Natascha Sadr Haghighian (Germany)
 Lu Hao (China)
 Joyce Hinterding (Australia)
 Pierre Huyghe (France)
 Kim Young Jin (Korea)
 On Kawara (Japan)
 Omer Ali Kazma (Turkey)
 Guillermo Kuitca (Argentina)
 Ernesto Leal (Cuba)
 Henrietta Lehtonen (Finland)
 Michael Lin (Taiwan)
 Ma Liuming (Japan)
 Rafael Lozano-Hemmer (Canada)
 Fabian Marcaccio (U.S.A.)
 Okisato Nagata (Japan)
 Carsten Nicolai (Germany)
 David Noonan & Simon Trevaks (Australia)
 Motohiko Odani (Japan)
 Gabriel Orozco (Mexico)
 Kemal Onsoy (Turkey)
 Philippe Parreno (France)
 Fernando Romero (Mexico)
 SANAA (Japan)
 Yutaka Sone (Japan)
 Fuat Sahinler & Murat Sahinler & Ahmet Soysal (Turkey)
 Mukadder Simsek (Turkey)
 Mika Taanila & Matti Suuronen (Finland)
 Ana Maria Tavares (Brasil)
 Rirkrit Tiravanija (U.S.A.)
 James Turrell (U.S.A.)
 Magnus Wallin (Sweden)
 Joe Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Thailand)
 Jane and Louise Wilson (United Kingdom)
 Sislej Xhafa (Italy)

 This year Istanbul Biennial will take place in the Imperial Mint, Hagia
 Eirene Museum, Yerebatan
 Cistern which are situated in the heart of the old city and in the
 Beylerbeyi Palace which is on
 the Asian side of Istanbul. Many satellite venues will be integrated in
 different districts throughout
 the city. Some of the participating artists like Alberto Garutti, James
 Turrell, Sisley Xhafa and
 Gabriel Orozco are proposing special projects engaging the city of

 The press opening of the 7th International Istanbul Biennial will take
 place on 21 September 2001
 at the Imperial Mint at 11:00am and will be followed by a series of panel
 discussions, lectures,
 performances, workshops and other special events.

 For further information and accreditation to the opening activities,
 please contact
 Mr. Ustungel Inanc
 Int'l Press Coordinator
 Istanbul Foundation for Culture & Arts
 Istiklal Cad. No: 146 Beyoglu
 80070 Istanbul - Turkey
 Tel: +90 212 292 0926
 Fax: +90 212 249 5575
 e-mail: uinanc {AT} istfest.org
 Electronic Flux Corporation

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