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[Nettime-ro] Fw: Ups I did it again
irina on Tue, 4 Sep 2001 13:58:50 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] Fw: Ups I did it again

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From: "Frederikke Hansen" <frdhansen {AT} access.ch>
To: "Pedigree Pal" <frdhansen {AT} access.ch>
Sent: Thursday, August 30, 2001 4:35 PM
Subject: Ups I did it again

I am sorry, but it seems like some of you have been receiving only the
second part of this Pedigree Pal Paper Paper thing that I sent out into the
world some months ago. Please forgive - still don't understand how... ah
well, I paste in part I just for your information and wish you a pleasant
Frederikke HANSEN


Dear friends, dear colleagues,

whatever happened to the 70sO critique of the family as ideology and as
locus for every day violence and oppression? And is all the talk about the
post-familial family just hot air, or has there been a radical change of
desires, discourse and politics on how our social and sexual bondings can
and should be organized?

What does the family look like today? Do you come from a normal family? What
is normal? What would you like the norm to be?

If you have been asking yourself questions like these, then maybe you would
like to participate in the next Shedhalle project, »Pedigree
Pal--Neudefinition von Familie.«

As a central part of the project, we will be producing a publication (in the
format of a, say, leftwing sunday paper, i.e. not too thick, nor too thin
and max two colours.) I would be extremely happy, if you would contribute to

In the paper, as in the adjacent exhibition and workshop, I want to bring
different positions together in a dialogue about family structures. Not just
theory people and artists will be contributing, but also social workers, au
pair girls, psychotherapists as an entire youth-in-unemployment project are
invited. In fact »we invite everyone to question the entire culture we have
taken for granted,« to quote Group Material.

»Pedigree Pal« will be discussing the gradual demise of the nuclear family
versus the re-inforcement of itOs instututions; parenthood and the rights to
procreation in the age of medical reproduction technology; same sex
marriage: is it a practical, judicial progress or simply a political
contradiction in terms ­ just to mention a few of the central problems the
family issue arises. »Pedigree Pal« will use examples from theory alongside
the very real realm of personal experience. Therefore we need you and your

You can write as long or as short as you want, you can write a personal or a
scientific account ­ you can even submit a visual piece (photo, drawing,
collage.) Contributions can be in German and English. Deadline is 7
September 2001.

This is a generic email. I would love to talk to you personally if you are
interested in the project. Therefore I suggest that you write me an email
with your telephone number, even if you know that I already have it. In this
way I will know who would be interested in making »Pedigree Pal« an
interesting thought-provoking forum on family matters.

Feel free to forward this message to friends and colleagues.
Talk to you soon!

Frederikke HANSEN

»»»»Frederikke HANSEN»»»»Shedhalle»»»See
strasse 395«««CH-8038»»»+41'1'481'59'50»

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