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25 October 2001 - 6 January 2002

The exhibition Traversées (Crossings) features a new vital area in the
French art scene. Traversées is rooted in an observation that artists are
increasingly connecting with other disciplines. Each participant in the
exhibition was invited to work with one or several practitioners from other
creative or experimental fields, with whom they feel a real affinity. The
collaborators' simultaneous reactions to different contexts have generated
innovative interactions whose freely chosen form may be that of a joint
work, a talk, a debate, a text, etc. In the same spirit, and in resonance
with the different disciplines, the Salle Dufy will house five "exhibitions
in the exhibition" - five autonomous zones entrusted to independent
curators and offering a choice of works in video, literature, music and web
design (an exhibition can hide another exhibition).

The open form of Traversées questions the principles and functions of a
contemporary art exhibition. At the same time it is a response to an
urgently felt need to make manifest the interconnections that arise from
the desire to "experiment" with the most diverse models, and thus to assert
the differences of approach that exist in relation to the instability of

Far from being encased in the certitudes of a finished project, this is an
open-ended event that leaves room for the unpredictable, for possibilities
of exchange and encounter. It is experienced as a complex and dynamic
system of learning, a process and a laboratory. Hence it is almost organic
in character, with germination and sedimentation, rooted in life itself.
Conceived as a kind of manual, the catalogue  aims to elucidate its
multiple crossings and connections.

Laurence Bossé and Hans-Ulrich Obrist

Boris Achour (with Nicolas Orlando, Stéphane Du Mesnildot and Thierry
Alice Anderson (with Philippe Argence)
Isabelle Arthuis (with Benoît Travers, John Mahy, Emma Morin, Antoine
Régent, Otti Vanderweif and Abel Mausia)
Mircea Cantor (with Samon Takahashi)
Décosterd & Rahm, associés (with Patrick Lemoine and AIR)
Didier Fiuza Faustino (with Emmanuel Hubaut and João Andreazzi)
Anne Frémy (with Jeff Rian and Jean-Jacques Palix)
Gérald (with Tommaso Di Ciaula)
Marine Hugonnier (with Bernard Hugonnier)
Jan Kopp (with Marco Berrettini)
Vincent Labaume (with a group of anonymous TV viewers)
Seul-Gi Lee (with Simon Boudvin and Cyril Dietrich)
Christelle Lheureux and Alexandre Pollazzon (with uapS, Kim Sop Boninsegni,
Hsia-Fei Chang, Joe Apitchatpong Weerasethalkul, Show-Chun Lee, Bernard
Joisten, Pierre Joseph and Naomi Kawase)
Mathieu Mercier (with Régis Le Bras and Gilles Drouault)
Melik Ohanian (with William J. Clancey)
Cécile Paris (with Françoise Rognerud, Fanny Adler and Jochen Gerner)
Jan Peters (with Hélèna Villovitch)
Dominique Petitgand (with Stéphanie Ditche, Julien Loustau, Grand Magasin,
Marie Maillard, Christian Merlhiot, Peggy Pocheux, Marie Vachette, Mark
Aerial Waller and Marc Sens)
Bojan Sarcevic (with Mikael Garandeau)
Bruno Serralongue (with the Collectif des Sans-Papiers de la Maison des
Laurent Terras (with Cyrille Martinez)
Fabien Verschaere (with Paul Messerschmitt)
Olivier Zabat (with Chris North)

and choices of :
Gaël Amzalag (web sites) : The Fountain of Random Knowledge
Valérie Mréjen (literature) : Charles Pennequin, Sa femme, C. Tarkos, Mme
Wiener, Stéphane Bouquet and Brigitte Giraud
Leonor Nuridsany (video) : Samuel Bianchini, Alain Declercq and Alain Della
Alexandre Pollazzon (video) : see Christelle Lheureux
Samon Takahashi (music) : Quentin Rollet and Noël Akchoté, Vincent Epplay,
Cédric Pigot, J. Mahtab, Clic., Anne Laplantine, Dragibus, Sonotube, Andrew
Sharpley, Trackmark, Eva-Revox, Cécile Babiole, Mahayoni Mudra, My Jazzy
Child and Mils
Alexis Vaillant (tir à l'arc) : Jean-François Moriceau and Petra Mrzyk
Tanguy Viel (literature) : Philippe Adam, Jean-Christophe Bailly, François
Bon, Jean Echenoz, Régis Jauffret, Frédéric-Yves Jeannet, Leslie Kaplan,
Joris Lacoste, Laurent Mauvignier, Pierre Michon and Antoine Volodine

Hub and handbook designed by www.IDSland.com    (peyricot&scandella)

TRAVERSEES is curated by Laurence Bossé and Hans-Ulrich Obrist, with
Aurélie Voltz.
The exhibition is open from Tuesday to Friday, 10 - 5.30 pm, Saturday and
Sunday, 10 - 6.45 pm.
There will be lectures in the exhibition space on Thursdays and Saturdays
at 3 pm, and Sundays at 11 am.
Press Office: Hélène Decaudin / Véronique Prest - tél : 00 33 153 67 40 50
or 51
e-mail: veronique.prest {AT} mairie-paris.fr 
<mailto:veronique.prest {AT} mairie-paris.fr>
Website: http://www.paris-France.org/musees

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