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[Nettime-ro] FW: [spectre] Oberhausen Film Festival (Open Call)
Alexandru Patatics on Tue, 18 Dec 2001 21:14:06 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] FW: [spectre] Oberhausen Film Festival (Open Call)

48th International Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Germany:

(May 2-7, 2002)

Deadline for Submissions: January 15, 2002

For applications + information:

About the Festival:

The International Short Film Festival Oberhausen has become one of the
world's most respected film events - a place where filmmakers and artists
such as Martin Scorsese, George Lucas, David Lynch, Alexander Kluge and
Werner Herzog, and more recently Ulrike Ottinger, Romuald Karmakar,
Pipilotti Rist, Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Franšois Ozon have presented their
first films.

Each year the Short Film Festival Oberhausen is able to present numerous
world premieres and international first-runs in this context. Among the
entries submitted during the course of the nearly 50-year history of this
competition one finds names such as Eija-Lisa Ahtila, Doug Aitken, Igor &
Gleb Aleinikov, Santiago Alvarez, Lindsay Anderson, Robert Breer, Robert
Frank, Michel Gondry, James Herbert, Takashi Ito, Aki Kaurismńki, David
Larcher, Spike Lee, Jan Lenica, Chris Marker, Don McKellar, Jonas Mekas,
Idrissa Ouedraogo, Roman Polanski, Alain Resnais, Jacques Rivette, Glauber
Rocha, Raul Ruiz, Zbigniew Rybczynski, Ousmane SembŔne, Jan Svankmajer,
Istvn Szabˇ, Alain Tanner, Johan van der Keuken, Gus Van Sant, Agnes Varda,
Gilian Wearing, Krzystof Zanussi, and Zelimir Zilnik.


Film + Video Included:

The equal treatment of video and film in the competitions since the early
nineties, the consistent incorporation of advertising and industrial films,
and the introduction of the world's first festival award for a music video
made in Germany - the MuVi - in the late nineties, are all aspects that
place the International Short Film Festival Oberhausen at the forefront of
the short film scene. Furthermore, in cooperation with its media partners,
Arte, 3sat and more recently MTV, the Festival has helped to open up new
audiences for short films. In their short film programs, Arte and 3sat have
been cooperating with the Festival for years, while in 2001 MTV for the
first time televised 25 short films from the programsof the International
Short Film Festival Oberhausen.

Film Market:

In addition to the Festival Catalogue, the Short Film Festival also
publishes an extensive Film Market Catalogue each year containing crew and
genre information, brief descriptions in two languages and production
addresses for each film submitted, as well as a separate overview of film
schools in Germany. Indexes organized by genre, director and running time
facilitate working with the catalogue.  The Film Market has established an
international reputation as the largest market for German-produced short
films, as well as films and videos of the most diverse formatsand genres.
Every year buyers >from Australia, France, the USA, Austria, Sweden and
many other countries purchase on average about 200 festival submissions.
In response to this resounding success, the Film Market was expanded in
2000 to include market screenings. In 2000/01 these screenings focussed on
films from South East Asia, Australia and South Africa, giving production
companies, film schools and national film institutions in these countries
the chance to present their current film production to a Western audience
of film industry insiders.  The Film Market Catalogue was made available
online for the first time in 2001. This provides industry repre-sentatives
with an opportunity not only to obtain information on available films prior
to the festival, but also during the rest of the year. In the Short Film
Exchange Section you will find an online catalogue of more around 15,000
short films consisting of the Market Catalogues 1997 to 2001. The Film
Market Catalogues of future festivals will be regularly added.

For Further Information about the Festival contact:

Dr. Lars Henrik Gass
Festival Director / Managing Director

Internationale Kurzfilmtage Oberhausen gGmbH
International Short Film Festival Oberhausen
Grillostr. 34
D-46045 Oberhausen

Fon +49 (0)208 825-2652
Fax +49 (0)208 825-5413
gass {AT} kurzfilmtage.de

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