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[Nettime-ro] Francois Bucher solo exhibition/Location One
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[Nettime-ro] Francois Bucher solo exhibition/Location One

Francois Bucher

White Balance
(to think is to forget differences), 2002
DVD, color, sound; 30 minutes.

JANUARY 10 - MARCH 2, 2002
New York Times
February 1, 2002

Amid the Ashes, Creativity

Location One
Questions and doubts also arise in a one- man show of work by the young
Colombian- born artist Francois Bucher at Location One, a nonprofit SoHo
gallery specializing in new media. Working quickly last fall, Mr. Bucher
created a half-hour video montage mixing shots of Lower Manhattan before
and after the attack, clips from Hollywood terrorist films and passages
of digital scrambling to suggest the psychic fracturing caused by the
attack itself and by the stepped-up surveillance that followed. The
results, seen on computer terminals in the gallery, add up to a
promising New York solo debut.

For complete article, see

Village Voice
February 5, 2002

Kim Levin

"Francois Bucher*
An artist from Cali, Colombia, installs a post-9-11 meditation on
terror, power, privilege, Hollywood, the global economy, the incessant
media, and space--the final frontier. The 30-minute "White Balance (to
think is to forget differences)," playing in staggered sequence on
several plywood workstations, is mesmerizing. "

Location One
26 Greene Street NYC 10013, Between Grand and Canal
Subway: Canal Street (N, R, 6, A, C, E, J, M, Z)
Gallery Hours: Tuesday  Saturday, 12  6 PM
(212) 334-3347

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