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[Nettime-ro] Fw: scca-ljubljana magazine

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From: Zavod SCCA - Ljubljana <scca {AT} mail.ljudmila.org>
To: scca {AT} mail.ljudmila.org <scca {AT} mail.ljudmila.org>
Date: Tuesday, February 05, 2002 4:54 PM
Subject: scca-ljubljana magazine

>PlatfromaSCCA, the magazine of the SCCA, Center for Contemporary
>Arts-Ljubljana, is focused on the themes that contribute considerably to
>understanding of the contemporary art practice and its context. The
>was predominantly created as a platform for the texts written within the
>frame of the research project Manifesta in Our Backyard. The project (to
>which both previous issues - June 2000, December 2000 - were dedicated) was
>aimed at researching the operations of the contemporary art system on the
>example of the Manifesta 3 (European Biennial of Contemporary Art) that
>place in Ljubljana in 2000. Although the research project is finished, we
>continue with publishing the magazine PlatformaSCCA. The decision for that
>was based on the estimation that critical and argumented reflection on
>questions concerning contemporary art and culture is not present enough in
>Apart from providing the information on the center's activities, we publish
>original texts and translations from the fields of art theory, critical
>theory and art criticism.
>PlatformaSCCA no. 3:
>Focus of this issue is relation between ART-THEORY-IDEOLOGY.
>>From the contents:
>- Novelties from the SCCA, Center for Contemporary Arts-Ljubljana
>programmes, including deadlines for regional/international programmes,
>- Ursa Jurman: "Out of Our Backyard";
>- Misko Suvakovic: "The Ideology of the Exhibition " - the author deals
>the ideology of display on the example of three biggest European events in
>the field of contemporary fine art - the Kassel Documenta, the Venice
>Biennale and Manifesta - he concludes the text with a comparison of
>Manifesta and Soros Centers of Contemporary Arts;
>- Lev Kreft: "The Avant-Garde is Mainstream" - the author discusses the
>relation between art, politics and aesthetics in the historical
>neo-avant-garde and postmodernism;
>- Natasa Ilic & Dejan Krsic: "Political Practices of Art" - on the example
>of the art work by Sanja Ivekovic, which the authors place in the cultural
>and political context of Croatia in the 90's, the authors write about the
>chances for alternative culture in Croatia and the strategies of subversive
>artistic practises;
>- Bogdan Lesnik: "Fragments on Theory and Ideology " - through
>psychoanalytic reading and in a dialogue with Freud's essays on art the
>author discusses the relation between theory and ideology;
>- Rastko Mocnik: ". About the Art " - a text on the parasitism of the art
>theory and discourses on art experiences an unique parasitism with the
>visual intervention by P.A.R.A.S.I.T.E. Museum of Contemporary Art;
>- Interview with Suzana Milevska conducted by Ivanka Apostolova in which
>main topic is (self)criticism and (self)reference when writing on art;
>- Igor Zabel: "Art and Quality " - in a dialogue with Ursa Jurman the
>reflects on the issues of interpretation and the evaluation of contemporary
>PlatfromaSCCA is published in Slovene/English language and is available
>on the: www.ljudmila.org/scca/platforma/
>Ursa Jurman
>SCCA-Ljubljana, Vegova 8, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia
>tel: +386 426 21 92; fax: +386 425 47 34
>scca {AT} mail.ljudmila.org
>If you do not want to receive our info, please reply to this mail with
>'unsubscribe' in the subject.

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