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[Nettime-ro] Mark Dresser at Location One
locone-admin on Fri, 8 Feb 2002 22:17:11 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] Mark Dresser at Location One

Please join us for two evenings of music curated by Ned Rothenberg at
Location One:

Thursday February 14, 2002
Mark Dresser Modular Ensemble

Friday February 15, 2002
Mark Dresser & Marcus Weiss Duo

8PM Each night
$10 admission -- Members Free

Location One
26 Greene Street NYC 10013
btw. Canal and Grand
Subway: CANAL ST- 6, N/R, A/C/E, J/M/Z
(212) 334-3347 for information or reservations

Mark Dresser Modular Ensemble
Composer and bassist Mark Dresser will present an evening of his
compositions including the U.S. Premier of "Althaus" for an ensemble of
virtuoso musicians from Switzerland including tuba soloist, David
LeClair with Marcus Weiss- alto sax, Regula Schneider-clarinet,
Stefania' Verita' cello and NY bassist, Mark Dresser. "Althaus," is
written for tuba virtuoso David LeClair and a mixed ensemble of reeds
and strings. It was recorded on Mark Dresser's 2000 Tzadik release,
"Marinade". This "tuba-fest" has Mr. LeClair as featured soloist in a
work that integrates composition and improvisation, mining rich "new"
sounds, catchy grooves, a long evolving melody, and a singing chorale.

Also featured will be "Quartet for Trio" with Matthias Ziegler-flutes,
Regula Scheneider-voice and clarinet and bassist Dresser. There will
also be a world premier of a sextet composed by saxophonist, Marcus

 Mark Dresser & Marcus Weiss Duo
Swiss virtuoso saxophonist Marcus Weiss, a champion of contemporary
music performance, and the NY bass virtuoso and composer Mark Dresser
will present an evening of compositions, structured improvisations and
solo pieces. In the last ten years Marcus Weiss has premiered more than
a hundred works for solo saxophone, chamber music and saxophone
concertos. Such composers as Georges Aperghis, John Cage, Helmut
Lachenmann, Salvatore Sciarrino, Vinko Globokar, Hanspeter Kyburz,
Manuel Hidalgo, J Knd, Elliott Sharp, Brice Pauset, Stefano
Gervasoni, Mauricio Sotelo and others have composed for him.

Location One (www.location1.org) is a new not-for profit art center,
which fosters the convergence of all types of creative expression. We
maintain a gallery space suitable for every form of performance and
exhibition, and within this space, multimedia net-broadcasting
facilities that allow us to web cast a 24-hour stream of both live and
archived events. Our International Residency Program invites artists
from other countries to experiment with emerging technologies. Location
One is an exploration space for continual creative discovery.

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