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[Nettime-ro] selectie participanti
Oana Mateescu on Tue, 26 Feb 2002 12:48:04 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] selectie participanti

Stimati cititori ai listei nettime, 

Organizatorii festivalului de muzica "Roaring Hoofs" din Mongolia realizeaza
o selectie de participanti pentru editia care va avea loc in perioada 10-16
iunie 2002. Proiectul a fost aprobat prin componenta Cultural Link din
cadrul Arts and Culture Network Program, prin urmare participantii selectati
din Romania vor avea drumul finantat de catre Fundatia CONCEPT. 

Tuturor celor interesati le dorim mult succes! 

PR Manager

Fundatia CONCEPT 


New Music Association of Mongolia is organizing between June 10-16, 2002 the
International Third Festival Of Actual Music "ROARING HOOFS". The festival
will take place in Central Cultural Place Theatre Museum, in Ulanbaatar,

This project of a 7 days festival includes concerts, lectures, master
classes, workshops and meetings of the participants coming from abroad and
Mongolian musicians, composers musicologists and students. Concerts will
take place at locations of Mongolian history, at the Gobi desert and Ulan
Bator. Part of the festival is the Gobi-Summer-Academy in traditional
nomadic yurt-ger camp at the northern Gobi desert. International well known
artists from different countries will give master classes for musicians,
student and guests.
The Gobi-Summer-Academy offers also classes in "Throat-singing", "Long song
singing" for foreign guests.

There will be a strong pedagogical impulse given by this project. In the
sense, that a strong cultural project will also give social impulses, this
festival will have cultural consequences for people in Mongolia.
"Roaring hoofs" combines modern music and chomij-singing, long-song-singing,
morin-khuur, lama monastery music and shaman-music. Different kinds of
presentation are planned: as counterpoint, to reflect the different stiles
or as mixture of both:  a combination of modern music and traditional
instruments and singing-for ex: the famous acrobat and dancers can act to
new western music, western violin-play an improvise with
morin-chuur-players, the chomij-throat singer can be combined with
"Continuum" contemporary music and computer-music an improvise with Central
Asian traditional music. Concert hall will be unusual places In Ulaanbaatar:
Dinosaur's Museum hall, and Special hall Las Vegas, and Cultural Center
Palace; in the countryside: Monastery of Kharkhorum /Mongolian old capital/
Goby desert sand, and yurt ger camp.    

General information for participants  

NOTE: No honorarium is to be paid!!!!!!
- The selection will be completed by 15th April, 2002 
- Groups that have been invited to participate on the festival should take
visa from Mongolian Embassy in own country. 
- Organizers of the festival will meet the group at the airport on June 10th
- Artists will stay at the hotel / and tourist Mongolian yurt camp / in the
countryside - Gobi place.


Address of participants:
Organization :
Postal Code:
Telefon / Phone: / home: /office:
Fax: / home: / office:

O  Contemporary music/dance/song
O  Folk music /dance/song 
O  Goby summer academy /give a lecture to the student, musicians
O  Fashion
O  Food

Brief CV of participants
- Programm, 
- Synopsis
- Photographs 
- Poster and booklet (if available)
Date: .........................................

Send the application to:  
Festival Director S.Badamkhorol 
E-mail /Mongolia/: newmusic {AT} mongolnet.mn
Tel: +976-99195383
Deadline: March 1, 2002


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