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Stefan Rusu on Fri, 1 Mar 2002 14:17:05 +0100 (CET)

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Dear colleagues and friends,

Please find below the short description of the international project
UFO CONVENTION, which is going to be held in Rep. of Moldova,
in April 05-08, 2001.

We would like to ask you to distribute this information to your colleagues,
friends, artists, theoreticians, UFO - researchers and scientists, writers and poets
who might be interested in taking part in it.
We would be glad to receive names, brief artistic biography of artists, theoreticians,
 UFO - researchers and scientists, writers and poets who are interested to participate
in this project, as well, a brief idea/project concerning the work which is going to
 be done here.
All information should be sent by fax or e-mail to the Center for Contemporary Art, 
Chisinau as soon as possible, but not later than by Wednesday, March 20, 2002.

For additional information, please, don't hesitate to contact us.


Period: April 05-08, 2002


The project UFO CONVENTION will include a number of events related to the point
 at which Contemporary Art crosses the UFO phenomena. The CONVENTION's agenda
 will call for a discussion of UFO and anomaly phenomena, which took place in
 various forms and aspects in the cultural and social-politic context
 of the Republic of Moldova.
These phenomena will be analyzed and commented on in connection with the presence
 of Contemporary Art as an intruder phenomenon in our cultural space. 
In the course of four days the following events will take place consecutively:
 conference featuring UFO-logists, an exhibition by a group of artists from The Netherlands,
  Moldova, Romania, Poland, Russia, France, Great Britain, who will exhibit a series of
  installations featuring recent experiments in the area of sound and digital image
   interference; followed by video presentations by participants from Yugoslavia, Greece,
    Turkey, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Moldova, France, Great Britain, and, finally,
     each of these days will end with VJ - DJ shows by Russian and Polish artists,
      and "Nuclear Los' " band from Russia. The entire project will culminate in a
      publication accompanied by a CD, which will contain the pieces presented in the
       section featuring sound experiment.


Centrul pentru Arta Contemporana, Chisinau
Str. Puschin 16, Chisinau, Republica Moldova
Pone: +37 32 212766
Fax:   +373 2 212768
Email: ksak.info {AT} mail.md  

Curator: Stefan Rusu
Email: rusu {AT} art.md , winypuh {AT} yahoo.com  
Pone: + 373 2 212766 


Military Palace, str. Tighina, or. Chisinau, 
Exhibition complex UAP "C.Brancusi", Chisinau


1. SOROS Foundation, Moldova
2. Aliance Francais, Moldova
3. The Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Moldova


1. USA Embassy, Chisinau, Moldova
2. French Embassy, Chisinau, Moldova
3. The Netherlands Embassy, Kiev, Ukraine 
4. "I. Kondratiuc" Foundation, Russia  
5. "Ford" Foundation, Russia   

1.      UAP Gallery "Constantin Brancusi", Chisinau
2.      Cinema theater  "Odeon", Chisinau 
3.  Club "la Victor", Chisinau

Project's description:
CONVENTION is going to be preceded by the press-conference where is going to 
be announced goals, objectives, participants and event's program.

Informational support - INFOTAG Agency.  
UFO CONVENTION is going to be held during four days in the period of April 05-08, 2002, the program will be structured in four sections:

1.Conference's program will include the communications of experts in UFO-logy from: Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and Romania.
The subject of the speech will be based on the investigation and research of the UFO and the paranormal and anomaly phenomenon, those are going to be analyzed concerning psychics anomaly, commented by specialists in the psychiatry (alienists) field. The above mentioned presentations and debates are going to be intercalated by the subject of the presence of Contemporary Art.
Conference will run between 12.00-15.00 PM, the presentations will be held 
at the Military Palace, str. Tighina, or. Chisinau.

2.In exhibition's frames are going to be held actions, performances and installations which regards to the sound and digital image interference, with participants from Moldova, Poland, Russia, Holland, United Kingdom, that will start at 4 PM in the exhibition hall "Constantin Brancusi" or. Chisinau.

3.Program of video projections with participants from Yugoslavia, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, France and a special program with participants from Great Britain, Japan and USA  that will start at 6:00 PM at Odeon theatre.
4.Day's program will end with the presentation of DJ/VJ from Poland, Russia, starting at 9 PM in the dance club "La Victor", or Chisinau

Stefan Rusu,UFO Convention curator
                     mailto:rusu {AT} art.md

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