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[Nettime-ro] Fw: UFO CONVENTION
Irina Cios on Wed, 6 Mar 2002 11:13:05 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] Fw: UFO CONVENTION

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Sent: Friday, March 01, 2002 3:17 PM

> Dear colleagues and friends,
> Please find below the short description of the international project
> UFO CONVENTION, which is going to be held in Rep. of Moldova,
> in April 05-08, 2001.
> We would like to ask you to distribute this information to your
> friends, artists, theoreticians, writers and poets who might be interested
in taking part in it.
> We would be glad to receive names, brief artistic biography of artists,
> writers and poets who are interested to participate in this project, as
well, a brief
> idea/project concerning the work which is going to be done here.
> All information should be sent by fax or e-mail to the Center for
Contemporary Art,
> Chisinau as soon as possible, but not later than by Wednesday, March 20,
> For additional information, please, don't hesitate to contact us.
> All the best,
> Lilia Dragneva
> Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau KSA:K
> Period: April 05-08, 2002
> Synopsis:
> The project UFO CONVENTION will include a number of events related to the
point at which
> Contemporary Art crosses the UFO phenomena. The CONVENTION's agenda will
call for a discussion
> of UFO and anomaly phenomena, which took place in various forms and
aspects in the cultural
> and social-politic context of the Republic of Moldova. These phenomena
will be analyzed and
> commented on in connection with the presence of Contemporary Art as an
intruder phenomenon
> in our cultural space. In the course of four days the following events
> will take place consecutively: conference featuring UFO-logists, an
exhibition by a group of
> artists from The Netherlands, Moldova, Romania, Poland, Russia, France,
Great Britain, who
> will exhibit a series of installations featuring recent experiments in the
area of sound
> and digital image interference; followed by video presentations by
participants from Yugoslavia,
> Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Slovenija, Bulgaria, Moldova, France, Great
Britain, and, finally, each
> of these days will end with VJ - DJ shows by Russian and Polish artists,
and "Nuclear Los'"
> band from Russia. The entire project will culminate in a publication
accompanied by a CD,
> which will contain the pieces presented in the section featuring sound
> Organizer:
> Centrul pentru Arta Contemporana, Chisinau
> Str. Puschin 16, Chisinau, Republica Moldova
> Pone: +37 32 212766
> Fax:   +373 2 212768
> Email: ksak.info {AT} mail.md
> Curator: Stefan Rusu
> Email: rusu {AT} art.md , winypuh {AT} yahoo.com
> Pone: + 373 2 212766
> Locations:
> Military Palace, str. Tighina, or. Chisinau,
> Exhibition complex UAP "C.Brancusi", Chisinau
> Partners:
> 1. SOROS Foundation, Moldova
> 2. Aliance Francais, Moldova
> 3. The Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Moldova
> Financiers:
> 1. USA Embassy, Chisinau, Moldova
> 2. French Embassy, Chisinau, Moldova
> 3. The Netherlands Embassy, Kiev, Ukraine
> 4. "I. Kondratiuc" Foundation, Russia
> 5. "Ford" Foundation, Russia
> Sponsors:
> 1. UAP Gallery "Constantin Brancusi", Chisinau
> 2. Cinema theater  "Odeon", Chisinau
> 3. Space of the dance club "la Victor", Chisinau
> Project's description:
> CONVENTION is going to be preceded by the press-conference where is going
> be announced goals, objectives, participants and event's program.
> Informational support - INFOTAG Agency.
> UFO CONVENTION is going to be held during four days in the period of April
05-08, 2002,
> the program will be structured in four sections:
> 1. Conference's program will include the communications of experts in
UFO-logy from:
> Moldova, Russia, Ukraine and Romania. The subject of the speech will be
based on the
> investigation and research of the UFO and the paranormal and anomaly
> those are going to be analyzed concerning psychics anomaly, commented by
> in the psychiatry (alienists) field. The above mentioned presentations and
> are going to be intercalated by the subject of the presence of
Contemporary Art.
> Conference will run between 12.00-15.00 PM, the presentations will be held
> at the Military Palace, str. Tighina, or. Chisinau.
> 2. In exhibition's frames are going to be held actions, performances and
> which regards to the sound and digital image interference, with
participants from Moldova,
> Poland, Russia, Holland, United Kingdom, that will start at 4 PM in the
exhibition hall
> "Constantin Brancusi" or. Chisinau.
> 3. Program of video projections with participants from Yugoslavia, Greece,
Turkey, Macedonia,
> Slovenia, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania, France and a special program with
participants from
> Great Britain, Japan and USA  that will start at 6:00 PM at Odeon theatre.
> 4. Day's program will end with the presentation of DJ/VJ from Poland,
Russia, starting at
> 9 PM in the dance club "La Victor", or Chisinau

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