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Oana Mateescu on Wed, 20 Mar 2002 13:33:05 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] Arts Management Newsletter 8


                 Arts Management Newsletter No.8 (3/2002)
             An information service by Arts Management Network


In this issue you can find again interesting articles, portraits and reviews
about arts management and cultural administration activities around the
globe. We hope, that some information meets your interest.
After we could won reporters from Singapore, Latin America and China, we are
currently interested in arts managers from the Netherlands, from Scotland,
Ireland and Russia in order to have a deeper contact to that countries.
Please contact us to get to know why you should join our reporter team.
It's worthy to stay tuned on Artsmanagement Network, because we expect
exciting developments during the next months.
Yours Dirk Heinze & Dirk Schuetz


                                TABLE OF CONTENT


1. Museum Computer Network
2. Quality in Higher Arts Education: the European dimension.
3. Dramatic Online 
4. Artquest:  Advice & Information for Visual Artists in London
5. Raising Finance for Commercial Theatre Productions
6. New Fundamentals and Practices to Increase Cultural Participation
7. The Entrepreneurial Arts Leader
8. Music, Opera, Dance and Drama in Asia, the Pacific and North America
9. Forward Planning and the Cost of Collecting
10. Course of the month: Arts and Media Management in Toronto/ Canada
11. International Course: Redefining Cultural Identities
12. OZeCulture conference of culture, new media and eBusiness
13. ISPA congress in Lucerne, Switzerland
14. List of all conferences


                             NEWS & PORTRAITS


1. Museum Computer Network

The Museum Computer Network (MCN) is a nonprofit organization of
professionals dedicated to fostering the cultural aims of museums through
the use of computer technologies. It serves individuals and institutions
wishing to improve their means of developing, managing, and conveying museum
information through the use of automation. It supports cooperative efforts
that enable museums to be more effective at creating and disseminating
cultural and scientific knowledge as represented by their collections and
related documentation.
MCN also offer an online news portal named espectra.

More information: http://www.mcn.edu/

2. Quality in Higher Arts Education: the European dimension.

Artschools-europe offers directories, descriptions and locations of arts
schools per discipline and per country, as well as descriptions of national
education systems in the arts in the EU. Artschools-europe addresses
students, teachers, managers and policy-makers working and studying in the
field of higher arts education across Europe. Visibility is important and
this website provides you with a tool improving your international profile
and attracting new visitors to your site. Students wishing to study or work
abroad will find the country information (degrees, grants, websites, tips)

Details: http://www.artschools-europe.org

3. Dramatic Online

The Dramatic Group has reached an agreement with the Australian Department
of Communications, Information Technology and the Arts to maintain and
update the Culture and Recreation Portal's Cultural Sector Grants and
Services database.
The database is the most comprehensive collection of potential sources of
arts funding nationally and is a popular destination for artists and arts
workers, with thousands using it to source funding opportunities and other
services information.
The Grants and Services database is available to the public at
http://www.cultureandrecreation.gov.au/grants/ with the revised edition
planned to be online in April 2002. The Culture and Recreation Portal is an
initiative of the Federal Department of Communications, Information
Technology and the Arts.
dramaticonline.com is Australia's leading publisher of jobs, news and
information to the arts and cultural industry. Each week more than 20,000
people in Australia and overseas read our email bulletins and thousands more
visit the web site.

Details: http://dramaticonline.com

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and the Fine Arts you can find in the bookstore of Arts Management Network.
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4. Artquest:  Advice & Information for Visual Artists in London

Artquest is an exciting new service which will provide comprehensive advice
and information to London¹s visual artists. This new programme is being
developed to respond to the professional needs of artists in this region
throughout their careers and whatever their area of practice.
The support Artquest will provide will cover areas such as presenting and
selling work, research and development of new  work practices and
techniques, financial advice and ongoing professional development and
training opportunities.

Details: http://www.artquest.org.uk/

5. Raising Finance for Commercial Theatre Productions

Commercial Producers had an early Christman present last year, courtesy of
the Government. In an article in Prompt, published by the Theatrical
Management Association in UK, Neil Adleman of Harbottle and Lewis explains
how the grippingly titled "Financial Services and Markets Act 2000" is a
vital piece legislation of which producers need to be aware.

Information: http://www.tmauk.org


                                 BOOKS & KNOWLEDGE


6. New Fundamentals and Practices to Increase Cultural Participation and
Develop Arts Audiences, By Jerry Yoshitomi

A conceptual framework is now being developed that provides a new
understanding and foundation for increasing participation in arts and
cultural activities. This framework is based on recent research, writings on
past practice, pilot projects, and the application of theory from related
fields. This work is supported by several foundations, including the Walter
and Elise Haas Fund, the Heinz Endowments, the William and Flora Hewlett
Foundation, the James Irvine Foundation, the John S. and James L. Knight
Foundation, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, and the
Wallace-Reader's Digest fund. The result is a set of new fundamentals and
practices that can increase the number of participants and audiences, deepen
the participation of current participants, and reach the next generation of
adult participants.

Download the PDF: http://www.artspresenters.org/pdf/newfundamentals.pdf

7. The Entrepreneurial Arts Leader

The idea to write The Entrepreneurial Arts Leader was generated after
pondering the reasons for supporting the arts. In a time of static funding
levels, where marketing strategies are lauded as the saviour for the arts,
leadership is often overlooked as a legitimate means of supporting the
arts.  To enable leadership to support the arts, it is essential to
understand the temper of cultural policy, both historic and current, and
then to build on the findings to develop the characteristics of strong arts
leadership.  Using this approach, the importance of entrepreneurial arts
leaders to the vitality and viability of arts organisations becomes
increasingly obvious.  Why entrepreneurial arts leadership?  Its gets back
to how best to support the arts.  This book provides the answer to the
fundamental concern about how best to support the arts, during one of the
more challenging periods of its evolution.  Strong entrepreneurial arts
leaders should deliver an enhanced position for arts organisations,
underpinned also by funding and marketing initiatives.
The Entrepreneurial Arts Leader is grounded in an understanding of cultural
policy, management, art history, entrepreneurship and creativity, and is
cross-disciplinary. It features a comprehensive bibliography and models of
entrepreneurial arts leaders. It is of seminal importance to arts managers,
cultural policy makers and administrators.
Ruth Rentschler is director of arts and entertainment management at Deakin
University, Melbourne, Australia. She is the editor of Making it Happen:
The Cultural and Entertainment Industries Handbook, Shaping Culture and
Innovative Arts Marketing.

Order via email: mastenbr {AT} bookshop1.uq.edu.au
More arts management books: http://www.artsmanagement.net/bookstore.html

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Details: http://www.artsmanagement.net/advertising.html

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8. Music, Opera, Dance and Drama in Asia, the Pacific and North America

The 2002 edition of MOD, the database for the arts and cultural sector in
Asia, the Pacific region and North America, is just introduced by Arts
Publishing International (API). With every print edition you'll also receive
a CD-Rom with the complete adress database. Beside MOD, there is also a
database for Europe (PAYE) available. Both editions you can order
exclusively online via Arts Management Network.
API is also the publisher of the International Arts Manager Magazine.


9. Forward Planning and the Cost of Collecting

Collections and their preservation are at the very heart of museums and
therefore at the very heart of forward planning for museums. This became
particularly evident in a 1989 study we conducted for the Office of Arts and
Libraries which revealed that the cost of collections accounts for 66% of
museum running costs.
Gail Dexter Lord provides this interesting online article.

Full article: http://www.lord.ca/fwd_plan.htm




10. Course of the month: Arts and Media Management in Toronto/ Canada

Schulich School of Business, one of the leading business schools in North
America, offers Canada's only MBA with a specialization in arts and media
management. The specialization is suitable for students who have either work
experience in the cultural sector or an undergraduate education in areas of
the arts such as music, theatre, dance or the visual arts; or areas of the
cultural media such as film studies or literary studies.
Schulich graduates from the arts and media specialization fill such
positions as: general manager and/or marketing and development directors of
major performing and visual arts organizations; cultural policy analysts at
all levels of government; owners of entrepreneurial endeavours in the
cultural sector; and business managers in the film and television industry.

Details: http://www.artsmanagement.net/education/york.html

11. Redefining Cultural Identities

"Cultural Industries and Technological Convergence" is the third course in
the series on Redefining Cultural Identities and is going to held by the
Inter-University Center for Post Graduate Studies (Dubrovnik) and the
Institute for International Relations (Zagreb ) in Dubrovnik on 13 - 18 May
The course is planned to concentrate on cultural industries, aspects of
technological convergence and on their influences on cultural consumption
and cultural identities in the Southeastern European and Central European
countries in transition.
The objective of the course is to provide an analytical insight into
development of cultural industries, marketing and consumption of their
products and use of related technologies. Possible influences on the
processes of redefining of cultural identities in the Central and Southeast
European post-socialist societies will be pointed out.





12. OZeCulture conference of culture, new media and eBusiness

The second OZeCulture conference of culture, new media and eBusiness,
OZeCulture 2002- taking the next step, will take place in Sydney from 28 -
30 May 2002.
The conference will feature Australian and international speakers on a broad
range of topics related to the creation of art using digital media and to
the use of digital media and the Internet to market and distribute cultural
products and services.  Here is a choice of the planned session objects:

-The Rights Stuff. Digital rights management
-Building Your 'Net' Worth
-Through New Eyes. Repurposing for digital product
-Marketplace. Suppliers to the cultural sector present their products
-That's the Ticket. Transactions online
-Developing Online Exhibitions
-In Your Own Time. Online learning
-Making Ends Meet. Managing your website on a small budget

More: http://www.cultureandrecreation.gov.au/conference/registration.htm

13. ISPA congress in Lucerne, Switzerland

It is no accident that ISPA (International Society of the Performing Arts)
has chosen the festival town of Lucerne as the site of its next
international convention. For four days, from June 6 to June 9, 2002, the
Lucerne Culture and Convention Centre KKL will become a meeting-place and
forum for discussions on a central topic focusing on the performing arts.
The theme of this convention is ART.SPACE; the close and essential blending
and bonding of art and space will be studied and discussed at the
inauguration lecture held by Gerard Mortier as well as five round-table
discussions with prominent figures from the world of art, architecture, and

More information: http://www.ispa.org/features/lucerne.html

14. List of all conferences

apr 5-6: Research Symposium: Entrepreneurship and the Arts, Melbourne AUS
apr 10-11: Forum Arts Marketing, Ludwigsburg D
apr 10-12: AAAE Conference, New York City
apr 11-14: National Conference for Artist-Run Centres, Ottawa CAN
apr 17-20: Conference "Museums and the Web", Boston USA
may 31- june 1: "Cultural Development in Canada's Cities, Toronto CAN
may 2-5: International Artist Managers' Association conference, Vienna A
may 23-26: Espace culturel atlantique, Nouveau-Brunswick CAN
jun 12-15: Association of Cultural Economics Int. Conference, Rotterdam NL
jun 13-16: The Alliance for Non Profit Management Conference, San Diego USA
jun 6-9: ISPA International Congress, Lucerne CH
jun 29 - july 2: Conference "Crossroads in Cultural Studies", Tampere FIN
jul, 12-15: "Cultural Attitudes towards Technology and Comm.", Montréal CAN
oct 3-5: Conference "Social Theory, Politics & the Arts" Charleston USA
oct 24-26: Conference European League of Institute of the Arts, Dublin IRL

[Your conference is not listed? Please forward your event details to us]

All events with details: http://www.artsmanagement.net/events.html




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