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[Nettime-ro] Concept Foundation announces the Open Competition for the C
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[Nettime-ro] Concept Foundation announces the Open Competition for the Cultural Policy Sub-Component of The Arts and Culture Network Program


CONCEPT Foundation announces the Open Competition for the CULTURAL POLICY

The aim of this program is to promote long-term structural changes in the
field of cultural policy - the development and implementation of different
models of cultural actions with specific emphasis on projects that "cross

Priority support will be given to long-term projects (for the first part of
their realization in the year 2002) aimed at developing: 
*	legislation and fiscal policy in the field of culture (related to
legal activities in culture, heritage protection, nonprofit associations and
organizations, privatization in culture and the arts, regionalization of
cultural policy etc.);
*	transformation of existing infrastructures into more flexible and
self-sustainable ones;
*	new entrepreneurial and fundraising models of cultural institutions
and events;
*	education and training of cultural administrators (policy-makers),
arts managers and entrepreneurs  (including training of trainers);
*	establishment and development of new artistic venues and resource
centers, linked with cultural policy issues;
*	cross-cultural communication (multi-cultural projects, arts for
social change).
*	The following types of projects will receive support: 
*	innovative and/or interdisciplinary models of cultural actions at
international, national or regional level;
*	action research projects aimed at practical results and
*	seminars, conferences, workshops, training, and other forms of
education, organized at a regional level;
*	public debates and round tables (using media networks), lobbying
activities and programs.

The projects will be supported only under condition that they represent
innovative ideas and have concrete practical outcomes.

The maximum grant requested should not exceed 20 000 USD.

The description of the project proposal should be submitted by filling the
necessary application form, which should not exceed 5 pages plus the budget.
Project proposals should be submitted in 3 copies with all additional
materials (if necessary) and in an electronic form. 
Incomplete applications will not be considered.
For further information please contact CONCEPT Foundation between April 15,
2002 - May 24, 2002.

The deadline for submitting projects is May 31, 2002, 17:00.

All aplications should be submitted at CONCEPT Foundation: Bucharest: 14,
Pictor Constantin Stahi Str, 1st District, Zip Code 707642, Tel: + 40-1-313
78 72  / 40-1-311 12 52, Fax: 40-1-311 12 53, E-mail: info {AT} concept.osf.ro,

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