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perjovschi dan on Thu, 16 May 2002 16:46:12 +0200 (CEST)

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17th May 2002, National Theatre, Bucharest

Study in London with up to 50% scholarship support provided through The Ratiu Family Foundation and Huron University USA in London on a
programme with paid work experience built into it.

Attend the Enterprise Day, Friday 17th May, at the National Theatre, Bucharest (Presentations start at 10.00 a.m. with individual interviews from

Do you have a dream, an idea that you want to make real!? It doesn't have to be a business idea and could as easily be an artistic or cultural project
environment or society. The Enterprise MBA programme will support you to build a strong network of contacts and potential partners for your project.
An integral part of the Enterprise MBA programme will be an extensive period of paid work experience with these potential partners. At the same time
you will receive professional support in developing your business plan to attract funding for your project on completion of your studies.

Current Enterprise MBA students will be at the Enterprise Day to talk of their experiences, ambitions and projects, which include exporting Romanian
wine, setting up a business incubator in Bucharest, providing care centres for the elderly within the Romanian hospital system, and outsourcing IT
consulting work.

Additionally, the Romanian Enterprise Fund, funded by The Ratiu Family Foundation, is supporting two other projects. Firstly, to export a container of
Romanian products to the UK and, secondly, to create an Enterprise Romania website. Details of both projects will be presented at the National

For more information, contact The Ratiu Family Foundation (013102052) or email Huron University (edb {AT} huron.ac.uk). At interview on the 17th you
should expect to discuss your ideas!

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