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[Nettime-ro] Bitter Bierce at Location One
locone-admin on Wed, 14 Aug 2002 21:40:21 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] Bitter Bierce at Location One


Bitter Bierce
An electronic presentation of
a new work-in-progress written and directed by Mac Wellman

With Stephen Mellor as Ambrose Bierce

Online participants: Isabelle Jenniches (in Amsterdam), François Bucher
(Colombia), Heather Wagner (New Jersey)

Tuesday August 20th at 8pm, Wednesday August 21st at 8pm,
Thursday August 22nd at 8pm*, Friday August 23rd 8pm*, Saturday August 24th
*Performance by live actor

Free Admission

August 21st-24th (12-6pm), Location One will continuously show an electronic
presentation of Bitter Bierce that incorporates the prior night's
Two-time Obie Award-winning playwright Mac Wellman will present, in
collaboration with a team of Location One artists, a new work-in-progress
entitled "Bitter Bierce," based on the life and works of satirist, critic,
journalist, novelist and short-story writer Ambrose Bierce.

In this unique collaboration between Mac Wellman and an international group
of Location One artists each performance will combine live and electronic
elements; a live actor will perform at three of the five scheduled events;
artists connected to a network both locally and remotely will respond to the
performer and the script using collaborative software to manipulate in
realtime video images and audio elements. These large-scale images will then
be projected onto the gallery walls and online at www.location1.org.

During gallery hours August 21st-24th, Location One will continuously show
an electronic presentation of Bitter Bierce that incorporates the prior
night's performance.

Location One is most grateful to the New York State Council on the Arts and
the City of New York Department of Cultural Affairs for their generous
support of this project.

Location One is located at 26 Greene Street NYC 10013, between Grand and
Canal Streets.
Subway: Canal Street (N, R, 6, A, C, E, J, M, Z)
Gallery Hours: Wednesday - Saturday, 12 - 6 PM
(212) 334-3347

Location One (www.location1.org) is a new not-for profit art center, which
fosters the convergence of all types of creative expression. We maintain a
gallery space suitable for every form of performance and exhibition, and
within this space, multimedia net-broadcasting facilities that allow us to
webcast a 24-hour stream of both live and archived events. Our International
Residency Program invites artists from other countries to experiment with
emerging technologies. Location One is an exploration space for continual
creative discovery.

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