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[Nettime-ro] Tatjana Bozic: film screening & video workshop, Nov 11-17 C
joanne richardson on Sun, 10 Nov 2002 17:44:04 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] Tatjana Bozic: film screening & video workshop, Nov 11-17 Cluj

TRANZIT HOUSE, Str. Baritiu 16
Monday, November 11, 18:00

Film Screening & Discussion 
by Tatjana Bozic (Zagreb, Croatia) 

(The film screening, discussion and video workshop by
Tatjana Bozic will be in English)

Provincial Girls, 1995-96, 35mm, 30 min (Russia) 
Provincial Girls tells the story of three women from
the provinces - a kept woman, a factory worker and a
notorious writer and celebrated slut - who came to
conquer Moscow. Mixture of archive footage
illustrating the “myth” of Moscow and contemporary
scenes. Provincial Girls won the Grand Prix for the
best Russian documentary of 1996 at the Russian
Documentary Film Festival & was shown on TV stations
in Russia and Europe. 	

Distorted Reflections, 2000-2001, Mini DV, 30 min
A documentary on distorted images of women in Croatian
media. Through unusual editing, the film examines
stereotypes about women and split messages sent to
women on daily basis through mass media. Distorted
Reflections has been shown on festivals around Europe,
Slovenian National TV and Croatian Commercial Network
TV. The film was awarded a grant from the Croatian
government and is widely distributed at schools and

Tatjana Bozic was born in Croatia in 1971, moved to
Russia in 1986, where she lived for 12 years and
received degrees in journalism and film. Returned to
Croatia in 1998 where she has been making
documentaries, experimental films, a radio show on
women’s issues, and “uncommercial” billboards in
public spaces. Founding member of Fade In, a
non-profit TV production studio that produces
alternative documentaries and socially engaged
advertisements on issues concerning civil society and

Video Workshop: November 12-17:
NCN TV in Cluj has agreed to give us a 20 minute slot
for an experimental TV program, provisionally entitled
Realitatea SF (the RSF team includes students in art,
literature, journalism, musicians, and members of
NGOs). Tatjana will conduct a video workshop with the
RSF team to produce the first series of TV programs,
including detourned advertisements, vox pop surveys,
interviews with people who usually don’t get on TV,
and news from parallel worlds.   Contact subsol {AT} mi2.hr
for further details. 

Workshop is organized by Joanne Richardson & Idea
Many thanks to: Tranzit, the Photo Video section of
the Art Academy and Patrir (Institute for Peace,
Romania) for hosting the screening and workshop and to
CONCEPT Foundation – Soros Network Romania for
financial support.

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