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[Nettime-ro] Matei Bejenaru - ORF Kunstradio Vienna
bmatei on Sun, 24 Nov 2002 13:58:28 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] Matei Bejenaru - ORF Kunstradio Vienna

Within the course of the 1 programme series "Nebenan" 
(next door) which focusses on Romania this month, 
Kunstradio has invited Matei Bejenaru, a Romanian 
visual artist, curator and initiator of the 
Periferic/Peripheral Contemporary Arts Biennial in his 
home town Iasi, to do a live speaking performance for 
the radio. This is part of an existant cycle where the 
artist deals with different languages' rhythms and 
melodies - for instance by means of manipulation and 
iteration - as well as with an immediate physical and 
spiritual experience evoked by the recitation, 
sometimes going on for hours. Usually, these speaking 
performances are conceptually imbedded in a site-
specific context. Today's broadcast comprises three 
parts: Speaking 5 is the attempt to open up a field of 
associations linked to a certain term, idea - basing on 
a collection of around 600 German words which the 
artist recites. Speaking 6 is an investigation on how 
the specific sound of a language changes due to 
omitting select letters, parts etc. according to a 
special algorithm. "A Metamorphosis of Speaking" 
(Speaking 7) finally is a culmination of these language 
and speaking experiments, an extreme condensation of 
loops, superimpositions, delays resulting in a "white 
hissing" within which the original text is no longer 

The speaking performances for the radio will be 
broadcasted on ORF KUNSTRADIO Vienna, on November 24th, 

More informations on www.kunstradio.at

Jeanette Pacher
ORF Kunstradio Editor
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