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[Nettime-ro] TransLocal Media, ian 18, 16:00, Tranzit, Cluj
joanne richardson on Mon, 13 Jan 2003 11:30:02 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] TransLocal Media, ian 18, 16:00, Tranzit, Cluj

anuntul, ca simposionul si atelierul, e in limba

A Presentation of TransLocal Networks 
Independent Media Culture & Tactical Interventions
Saturday, Jan 18, 16.00 – 19.30, Tranzit, Str. Baritiu
16, Cluj

PART 1- Independent Media Culture in Hungary

Akos Maroy (Budapest)- history of Tilos Radio’s
evolution from pirate radio to legal station; and
presentation of collaborations with Micz Flor (Berlin)
on a network project with media centers in Former

Csaba Buzasi (Budapest/Oradea) – presentation of
Sziget music festival and the activities of Kultiplex,
a multimedia center in Budapest which organizes
concerts, film screenings, DJ parties, and also houses
the Tilos Radio studio

Balazs Beothy (Budapest) – history of C3 Center for
Communication & Culture, one of the first media
production centers in post-socialist Europe which also
provided web hosting and internet service to the
non-profit sector in Hungary

PART 2 – Media Interventions and Public Space

Miklos Erhardt (Budapest)  - presentation of
Inside/Out and Tequila Gang – two projects that gave
homeless in Budapest photo & video cameras to produce
their own work, and collaborative projects with
Dominic Hislop that attempt to transform public space,
including Re:route and Random Histories

Eric Kluitenberg (Amsterdam) – presentation of Next 5
Minutes festival and the interlinked tactical media
laboratories (TMLs) in cities around the world, as
well as its context/history in culture jamming
practices - adbusters, billboard liberation front,
rtmark and other campaigns that try to reclaim public

Tania Gorucheva (Moscow) – Debates & Credits (a
Dutch-Russian collaboration that’s part of Next 5
Minutes 4) is an attempt to find possibilities for
artists to enter into a direct dialogue with mass
audiences by intervening with a series of artist
projects in public space, including the public space
of the media

Presentations will be followed by debate about the
relevance of ‘tactical media’ in different local
contexts. Follow up workshop with invited participants
& students will take place at the Peace Institute,
Cluj. A selection of texts on tactical media appeared
in the last issue of Balkon - for more information or
to receive the texts by email, contact subsol {AT} mi2.hr

Organized by Joanne Richardson/Idea Foundation
Made possible with the support of CONCEPT Foundation –
Soros Open Network, Romania

tactical media in Balkon
David Garcia si Geert Lovink: ABC-ul tactical media
David Garcia: Doua culturi ale rezistentei
Joanne Richardson: Limbajul tactical media
Jaka Zeleznikar: Acum esti în computerul meu! -
Interviu cu 0100101110101101.ORG
Coco Fusco: Teatrul electronic si spatiul public
-Interviu cu Ricardo Dominguez, EDT
Candida TV, Televiziune electrocasnica 
Joasia Krysa: Transgresiuni-TECHNO - Interviu cu Jacek
Negoda si Peter Style de la CUKT
Sylvie Myerson si Vidyut Jain: Arta confuziei - 
Interviu cu Frank Guerrero, ®™ark
Tetsuo Kogawa: Radio polimorf

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