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[Nettime-ro] context TransLocal: despre Next 5 Minutes
joanne richardson on Tue, 14 Jan 2003 18:23:03 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] context TransLocal: despre Next 5 Minutes

Ca context pentru evenimentul TransLocal Media pe 18
Ianuarie, ora 16.00, la Tranzit - va trimit si niste
informatii despre Next 5 Minutes, institutia cu care
lucrez in Amsterdam. 


Next 5 Minutes General Introduction 
Next 5 Minutes, is an occasional, large scale,
festival of tactical media making from around the
world. Based in Amsterdam, the event brings together
four distinct but overlapping cultures: social and
political activism, the visual arts, radical
experimentation in electronic communications media and
critical theory. 

Next 5 Minutes exists to reemphasise the media
question. The context for tactical media has radically
changed. The make-up of the media- landscape itself
has changed dramatically, not in the least because of
the rapid growth of the Internet. The growth in the
availability of not only powerful production tools but
also new opportunities for distribution has generated
a culture in which greater numbers of people than ever
before are establishing their own media presence. They
create their own representations (or
counter-representations), tell their own stories, and
occasionally change their own lives and the lives of
others. An enormous creativity is unleashed through
the mass use of media tools that were once monopolised
by the state or the media industry.
As organisers we acknowledge the radical changes in
context by decentralising our own structure. Next 5
Minutes 4 is a series of interlinked temporary
media-laboratories, hosted in different cities on
different continents (Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin,
Chicago, Cluj, Delhi, Dubrovnik, London, Moscow, New
York, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney). Each of these labs will
be devoted to a specific theme which is closely linked
to local interests, but connected to an on-going
research effort supported by the international board.
The results will be collected on-line in an editorial
environment containing reports, essays, pictures, film
and video materials. This interlinked series of local
events together will define the final content of the
Next 5 Minutes festival, which is planned for June
2003 in Amsterdam. 

Next 5 Minutes 4 TV

For 2003, a series of five documentary TV programs is
planned as part of Next 5 Minutes 4. These TV programs
will follow the trajectory of the Tactical Media Labs,
reflect their themes, and document their results.
These programs are produced for dissemination in The
Netherlands as well as for international
redistribution via local and national TV broadcasters.
The programs will also be included in the Next 5
Minutes general archives. 

Next 5 Minutes 4 Reader 

In preparation festival in June 2003 a reader will be
prepared as a print publication. Based on the outcomes
and the materials gathered and produced at the TMLs
and workshops, the international editorial team will
collect and filter these materials and produce a
reader that will provide background information and
analyses for the themes of the Next 5 Minutes 4

Next 5 Minutes 4 Festival in Amsterdam

Next 5 Minutes deliberately positions itself at the
meeting point of poetics and politics, making it
always more than 'merely' an arts festival, an
activist gathering, or a conference. The festival is
both a meeting place for specialists as well as an
open public presentation platform. Theory and
reflection have always been an essential part of the

The seminars and debates program of Next 5 Minutes 4
will be the theoretical backbone of the festival. The
debates will follow the themes of the local TMLs and
workshops, including software cultures, the creation
of public domain infrastructures, the fight for a
digital commons, electronic surveillance, control and
new policing laws for the digital domain, intellectual
property rights and freedom of speech, free media and
authoritarian cultures, culture jamming and the
critique of global branding, migration and border
policies, and many others.
The TAZ or Temporary Autonomous Zone was introduced to
Next 5 Minutes in 1999 for the first time, and proved
a more-than-worthwhile addition to the official
festival program. The TAZ is a fully equipped
presentation space that is entirely unprogrammed.
Participants can register themselves and use the
facilities for whatever presentation they want to
hold, i.e. film, video, internet, CD-ROM or live

As in previous editions, Next 5 Minutes is more than
an event for presentation and debate about media, it
is also an event where a lot of media-output is
produced on site. The nerve centre of the media
production will be the Hybrid Media Studio. The
concept takes the fusion of different media-forms
within a hybridised digital media network as its
starting point. Radio, television, internet, wireless
transmission, satellite and other forms of electronic
media production continue to exist in their own right,
but they are also more and more often combined into
expanded media formats that involve two or more media
at once. From the Hybrid Media Studio continuous live
programming will be fed to local media outlets, to
international (satellite-) outlets, to national
broadcasting organisations, and to local media
partners in other cities in the world. 

International Board: Barbara Abrash (US); Josephine
Berry (UK); Andreas Broeckmann, (DE); Zeljko Blace
(HR); Greg Bordowitz (US); Vanni Brusadin (ES/IT); Ted
Byfield (US); Critical Art Ensemble (US); Micz Flor
(DE/CZ); David Garcia (NL); Menno Grootveld (NL);
Honor Harger (UK); Graham Harwood (UK/NL); Indymedia
TM Brazil (BR); Indymedia Seattle (US); Derek Holzer
(US/NL); Adam Hyde (NL); Freespeech.Org (US); Zina
Kaye (AU); Oleg Kireev (RU); Eric Kluitenberg (NL);
Daoud Kuttab (PL); Geert Lovink (NL/AU); Arun Mehta
(IN); Gerbrand Oudenaarden (NL); Drazen Pantic
(US/YU); Joanne Richardson (RO/US); Saskia Sassen
(US); Cornelia Sollfrank (DE); Jo van der Spek (NL);
Ravi Sundaram (IN); Faith Wilding (US)

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