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[Nettime-ro] FW: [spectre] call for submission - please distribute
Alexandru Patatics on Thu, 16 Jan 2003 17:48:04 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] FW: [spectre] call for submission - please distribute


International Video Festival
VideoMedeja 07
25 - 27th April 2003 Novi Sad 
subject: videobeat
cathegories: video, CD ROM, video installations 
deadline for entries: 15th February 2003.
more info and entry form at: www.videomedeja.org.yu
25, 26, 27th April        Selection of Competitiors
best works chosen by Selection Committee
projection room DV, DVD, BETA
25, 26, 27th         Follow up Programmes

video | video installations | sound installations | performances | live acts | installations

show windows| open spaces | digital screens | billboards| 3D objects | 

city centre | wider area



27th April

Live bands | Audio Visual Performance | VJ Performance


<<the videobeat idea, in this case refers to various analytical approaches and theories of history and development of video arts.  videobeat equally refers to the future and to the past.  therefore, the video subject matter will be approached from its very beginnings, when it appeared as a technological discovery - the image signal and the use in military purposes, and then it will be analyzed through a wider sociological, political and artistic prism. the videobeat explores the transformation of the video from the instrument for accurate transmission of certain events and situations all the way to the almost revolutionary possibilities in the scope of the most diverse expressions and experiments. video becomes the instrument for expression of emotions, imaginary realities, and new perceptions. freed from rational and technological, it steps away from the language of the feature film; the emphasis is put on freedom of expression. during the last decades of the past century, picturesque and poetical characteristic became the essence of the video>

<with regards to the videobeat subject matter, the intention is to define the status of video arts today, especially in relation to other forms of visual expression and media. one of the aims defined in this way is to answer frequent questions in this field: is video art being transformed into a new form and how can we be sure that the transformation isn't going in the opposite direction? what kind of media is this about, which are the new ways? is video disappearing in the age of pure digital forms? the most interesting question is whether the new media and the whole digital visual production are nothing but logical steps in the progress of video art aesthetics>>