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[Nettime-ro] Armenian International Theater Festival
Oana Mateescu on Tue, 28 Jan 2003 12:40:06 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] Armenian International Theater Festival

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  “High Fest” Armenian International Theatre Festival

October 2003 / Yerevan, Republic of Armenia

In Armenia theatre traditions are coming from centuries. First amphitheatre in Armenia was created in first century BC. First official chronicle about Armenian theatre, written by Armenian and Hellenic historians dated of 53 BC. It was describing of the Euripides’ “Bacchants” performance in theatre, established by Armenian King Artavazd the Second in the ancient town Artashat. Besides Hellenic playwrights there were performed the plays written by Artavazd himself as well. These chronicles were the beginning of Armenian Theatre. After, there were many pictures of actors, mentions of their games and actions in the numerous of medieval manuscripts.

This all is absolutely outstanding. And we, theatre practitioners of the present Armenia, must cultivate and promote the huge heritage and history our theatre. So, “High Fest” is dedicated to 2055 years of Armenian Theatre.

Why High Fest? In Armenian language “high” means, just Armenian. So this is Armenian-High event.       


The main goal of the festival is the promotion of Worldwide Culture in Armenia and Armenian Culture in other countries in the world.

General   Presentation

The selection for the festival is based mainly on the following criteria:

The season

Application form

1.      Full name of the theatre / company’s history;

2.      City / Country;

3.      Performance title, short description and tour history;

4.      Genre, number of acts;

5.      Director, artist;

6.      Characters and actors (program of the performance enclosed on the separate sheet);

7.      List of previous festivals theatre participated at;

8.      Number of arriving people (actors and others);

9.      Duration of the play;

10.  Weight of decorations, need in transport;

11.  Technical conditions necessary for the show;

12. Information (address, fax, telephone, Email). Contact person

The conditions


We are welcoming information from the companies interested in presenting their work this autumn in Yerevan.

With compliments,

Artur Ghukasyan                                                                  
Festival President
Our address:                 5 Tumanian St., /1st floor/ Benevolent Fund for Culture Development 375001 Yerevan, Armenia

Tel:                               +374 1 52 29 54 / 52 02 69

Fax:                              +374 1 56 21 31

Mobile phone:              +374 9 42 18 22

E-mail:                          bccp {AT} arminco.com

Web:                            www.highfest.com