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Valentin Manoiu on Mon, 16 Jun 2003 12:30:54 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] europrix

Asociatia Romana pentru Multimedia Interactiva, partener al Europrix, va reaminteste ca termenul pentru depunerea proiectelor la acest concurs este 15 iulie a.c.
Amanunte se gasesc la adresa www.europrix.org.
Punctul local de contact este Asociatia Romana pentru Multimedia Interactiva, Bucuresti, Calea Floreasca 167, tel. 232 00 30 int 147, 128, e-mail: valentin {AT} itc.ro.
Adaug atasat si un comunicat de presa legat de Europrix Top Talent Award (www.toptalent.europrix.org)
<*> EUROPRIX Top Talent Award – call for entries till 15th July


<*> With some of the wrong glamour off, creative people and content producer in new media and internet are fighting to get recognition for their outstanding work.

Internet stocks are down and digital convergence is off, but young producers turn out amazing new contents and deliver real innovation.

In order to give young producers from “name of region” a better chance, “Name of Associated partner” is becoming a partner of the EUROPRIX Top Talent Award – Europe’s most important multimedia award for young producers and students. They are challenged to show new contents using the diverse new media channels of internet/broadband, offline/DVD, mobile contents, Computer Graphics, interactive TV, games and cross media. 

<*>	Winners and Nominees of the EUROPRIX Top Talent receive more than cash – they get the recognition of being among Europe’s BEST. That gives them a much better chance at contracts and new projects. The Award invites producers and designers under the age of 30 from 33 European countries.
Martin Casey, winner back in 1998, looks back on the last five years and states: ”EUROPRIX gave me the critical boost just when I was finishing college. Winning the award opened all doors for me which I would never have been able otherwise. I could concentrate on walking through them”. Casey made it big during high times of Internet, selling his newly founded company to outside investors for € 17 Mill.. But his success continues and he finished designing one of the largest Web Portals in the world, AOL’s .com site. 
  <*>  The Top Talent Award hands out € 10.000 in prize money. The Overall Winner additionally receive the spectacular, new Apple PowerBook G4, a dream machine for every multimedia designer which shows up with the biggest to date used screen for a notebook: 17” diagonal and 1.3 million pixels. This tool will enable the EUROPRIX Top Talent to create innovative solutions even when on the road.

    <*>     A key benefit for the participation in the award is the networking at the Top Talent Festival in Vienna in mid november. All the 21 nominees will receive trips to the the Austrian capital and join in a three day European multimedia gala, conference and exhibition. This gives unique networking possibilities with top companies in the business. All the winners and nominees will be presented to Europe’s public through international media.

   Last chance to enter projects: July 15, 2003

   Check out: www.toptalent.europrix.org

  <*>  For further information:

  <*>  Top Talent Award - Office
  <*>  ICNM-International Center for New Media
  <*>  Moosstraße 43a, A-5020 Salzburg
  <*>  Fax: 0662/ 63 04 08 - 22
  <*>  Email: bstieler {AT} icnm.net
  <*>  www.icnm.net

Partener Europrix pentr Romania:
Asociatia Romana pentru Multimedia Interactiva
Bucuresti, Calea Floreasca 167]
tel. 232 00 30 int 147, 128
e-mail: valentin {AT} itc.ro

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