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Re: [Nettime-ro] Prague Biennale 1 press release
Vlad Nanca on Tue, 24 Jun 2003 16:01:31 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: [Nettime-ro] Prague Biennale 1 press release

Sounds familiar???
The title of the Prague Biennale, “Peripheries become the center,” refers to the dissolution of the dichotomy between “periphery” and “center” and to a liberation of plurality in terms of both identity and artistic practice. The distinction articulated in this dichotomy has become increasingly irrelevant due to information technology, the mass media, migration, and nomadism. The escalating phenomenon of globalization and the seeming collapse of physical distances brought about by the Internet have changed the terms in which the relations between periphery and center are negotiated, and even the definitions of what these two places are. The proposal that “Peripheries become the center” is a point of departure for the curators of the Prague Biennale, opening up space for investigation of their own diverse areas of research and interest.
Fiindca veni vorba de Periferic, ma intreb oare de ce pe lista Nettime nu se simte de loc ca s-a intamplat ceva la Iasi??????

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