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[Nettime-ro] Fw: FotoFest-Microcinema CALL FOR WORKS
ICCA on Fri, 27 Jun 2003 15:43:22 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] Fw: FotoFest-Microcinema CALL FOR WORKS

> Independent Exposure-FotoFest 2004
> Microcinema International is pleased to announce a call for works for 
> a special edition of Independent Exposure. 
> In conjunction with FotoFest 2004, Microcinema will produce a short 
> film and video series dealing with the subject of water. 
> FotoFest 2004 will take place from Mid-March to Mid-April 2004 in 
> Houston. The focus for the 2004 Biennial is water; water as global 
> resource and inspiration for personal and creative expression. The 
> three directions to FotoFest's exhibition and education programming in 
> 2004 are: 
> The Global Perspective: Water as historical determinant of human 
> settlement and a force in shaping the future, international politics, 
> and economic development. 
> The Community Perspective: Water and the quality of life, its 
> potential for enrichment and destruction. This area will have a 
> particular emphasis on cities. 
> The Personal View: Water as a catalyst for individual expression and 
> aesthetic and spiritual contemplation and creativity. 
> FotoFest, Inc is a non-profit international arts and education 
> organization, whose purpose is to create an international forum for 
> the exchange, promotion, and public appreciation of photo-related 
> work. 
> FotoFest's programs bring together an international vision of art with 
> a commitment to cross-cultural education and the strengthening of 
> cultural resources in Houston, the United States, and around the 
> globe. They are committed to providing a forum for the photo-related 
> arts, past and present, and helping to improve education in Houston 
> and the United States. 
> FotoFest 2004 will take place from March 12 to April 12, 2004 in 
> Houston, Texas. For more info: www.fotofest.com 
> Microcinema's program will premier in Houston during Fotofest and then 
> tour the world (schedule to be determined). 
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> ---------
> For our FotoFest Independent Exposure compilation we will accept short 
> video, film and digital-media submissions of 15 minutes or less and 
> are currently looking for narrative, documentary, humorous, dramatic, 
> animation, experimental, alternative, avant-garde, erotic, and 
> underground works that deal in some way with WATER. 
> Please submit a VHS (NTSC, PAL, or SECAM), clearly labeled with name, 
> title, length, phone-number and email, plus the mention "FOTOFEST". 
> Due to the large amount of entries, we are unable to return your 
> submission but we will get back to you regarding your submission(s)! 
> Microcinema will contact you before or by December 31, 2003. 
> Send submissions to:
> Microcinema International
> 1530 Sul Ross
> Houston, TX 77006
> Info/details: +1-713-527-8412
> info {AT} microcinema.com
> www.microcinema.com 

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