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[Nettime-ro] OPEN ARCH at BüroFriedrich"architecture"
BüroFriedrich on Thu, 3 Jul 2003 21:20:27 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] OPEN ARCH at BüroFriedrich"architecture"

Title: OPEN ARCH at BüroFriedrich "architecture"
 OPEN ARCH at BüroFriedrich

architecture week  
With Open Arch BüroFriedrich presents a month-long series of summer shows, which invite artists and designers from the respective fields of architecture, publications, art and fashion to make use of the exhibition space for a 5-day period. The individual segments are not exhibitions in the traditional sense. Instead groups of artists and designers present projects which encourage interaction and participation on the part of the public. In conjunction with a series of talks, the program intends to generate active communication between the viewers and artist-producers. In some cases, projects will actually require and depend on the participation of exhibition visitors. The core idea is to create a communicative space, in which the viewer is actively engaged.
July 8-12

Discussion: Saturday 12th July 7p.m. in Arch 53

5 days, 7 acts of unorthodox interventioning into the urban, architectural, ecological, political or sociological mind-settings and realities of our cities, our houses, our intimacy.
Seven young architects and artists start out the OPEN ARCH weeks at BüroFriedrich, triggering visions which go beyond the horizon of our daily-life perceptions of the built environment we all live in, opening new possibilties and perspectives for built and yet to be built urban conditions.
counteracts is questioning realities and proposing new or simply different interpretations.
The apparently life-denying conditions of concrete-cast urban realities turn out to be an unrecognized and diverse nature-preserve-park. The dutch architect Ton Matton reconstitutes in his works The Human Vector and Mobile Nature Reserve the relation of nature and urbanity as closely interdependent in an unexpected way: nature actually needs the city. The city is unmasked as a complex ecological system.

In gup-py's vision of  honey city the city is being transformed by the presence of honey. A phantastic world opens when everyone's watching the same TV channel... It's content: moving honey. A channel for cultural consciousness and urban relief.

Highjacking Schinkel by superfutureoffice / W. Böttger, D. Bröllos dares to completely delete a cultural and architectural superhero and his work from the face of the city. A phantastic act of anti-heroing. Setting free the hero by taking him away from a context of his contemporary conceptual obuse.  

Birthe Zimmermann's physical work interacts with a given and scaled model of architecture. The creation of a blunt ten times blow-up scaling and a parallel reinterpretation by the artist leads to an essential reorganisation of meaning and physical reality.

Thesis: Walls are openings to multiple realities and spacial interactions. Walls are interfaces of comunication rather than seperations. The video meno possibile by
the italian architects S. Panunzi, G. Adami und A. Ferraro projects a phantastic future of spacial comunication and virtual expansion.
Kilian Enders first prize winning  wett.net project reactivates the deserted underground world of berlin: unused u-bahn tunnels and bunkers. A parallel world of isolated spaces is being transformed into a vibrant network of contests, fights and bettings.

Megan Sullivan presents irregular motion, a video documentation of a project by Jason Kakoyiannis, tracing his process to legally participate with a rather unorthodox float in the New York Greek Parade. His work questions the sense and non-sense of selfdefined communities turning into hermetic units once being infiltrated by an "innocent" and unexpected act of participation and penetration.


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Parallel to "counteracts" at BüroFriedrich, the opening of "bitlabs.0001berlin" takes place at bgf-mitte. "bitlabs" is a transeuropean experimental plattform for architectural research at the borders between the physical and the non-physical, researching possible futures and visions of urbanity and architecture. Location and time: Spandauerstrasse 2, 10178 Berlin on July 10th, 7p.m.
our program:

Ross Birrell - Envoy  (continued)
20.05. - 02.08.2003

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12am - 6pm

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