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THURSDAY, JULY 10th 2003 

7:00 P.M.


ARE YOU CRAZY? is the title of a series of artist talks which raise the issue of "irrationality" and open this important element in the works of young artists for discussion. Everyday situations are normally judged according to logical criteria. In contrast, artistic actions create the possibility of pushing the limits of the given social standards or even going beyond the established narrow confines of rational behaviour; for an artistic act does not require the legitimisation of a predetermined goal.
Is it the main purpose and intent of the artist to question the accustomed strategies of daily routine by incorporating breaks and disruptions into ordinary logical structures?
What role does the artist play within the framework of "rational" social constructs, when his or her actions cannot be measured by such criteria?
Is it the artist's purpose to play the fool - much like court jesters or children - by inverting and thus reflecting habitual patterns of behaviour?
These are just a few of the questions that will be discussed with the invited artists in conjunction with their individual artistic positions.

The Swiss artist group Com&com, consisting of Johannes M. Hedinger and
Marcus Gossolt, are known for creating provocative situations and scenarious through the use of clichés . In their most recent project, which will be realized in a few months in a small Swiss town, proves that these two artists are masters of strategy and commercial deception. Marcus Gossolt will report on this project, which has such far-reaching implications that for now it can only be shared with the public to a limited extent. We are not allowed to give too much away! 

Within the last few years Com&Com have presented solo exhibitions at
Kunstwerken (Berlin) 2003, Galerie Urs Meile (Zürich) 2002 and Govett Brewster Art Gallery (New Plymouth, NZ) 2001.
They have also taken part in the following group exhibitions
Big Torino, 2nd International Biennial of Young Art (Torino) 2002,
Expo.02 (Hannover) 2002 and Arteplage Biel (Biel) 2002

ARE YOU CRAZY? will take place on various Thursdays in July at 7 p.m.

The dates of the following talks are to be announced.

Opsound at BüroFriedrich


An open call to musicians & sound artists for LAUNCH OPTION BERLIN
Musicians and sound artists of all kinds are invited to participate in LAUNCH OPTION BERLIN, a joint project of Opsound and Rocket Shop, which will take place at BüroFriedrich, Berlin, July 22-26, 2003 as part of BüroFriedrich's month-long Open Arch program.

LAUNCH OPTION BERLIN is a test site and data gathering center, a 5-day event devoted to discovering, collecting, playing, and listening to the sounds & noises of Berlin.  We want to know what Berlin sounds like: Berlin real, Berlin virtual, Berlin dreamt and desired -- from field recordings of Oranienstrasse to the music of underground punk bands, techno tracks and experimental audio files lurking on hard drives.  Over the five days of the project and continuing through the internet, LAUNCH OPTION BERLIN will create a network of exchange, a temporary gift economy of sounds inspired by the free software and open source software communities.

How to Participate:

LAUNCH OPTION BERLIN, is gathering material for an open sound pool of material from, about, or inspired by the idea of Berlin. (We also have a  weakness for sounds of, about, & inspired by rockets and rocket launches -- if you have any, we want them).  Anyone is welcome to add work to the sound pool, and all material for the pool will be released under a Creative Commons license (the "Attribution-ShareAlike license"), a  copyleft license in the spirit of open source software licenses which allows for all kinds of copying, remixing, use, and reuse while retaining an attribution to the original  artist.  Sound from the pool will be played in the LAUNCH OPTION control center at the BueroFriedrich gallery, mixed into sets by LAUNCH OPTION djs at parties and listening salons, and made available for remix contests and internet distribution through the opsound.org website.

To enter your work in the pool visit


For practical reasons it is advisable to enter your work in the pool as soon as possible, but entries will be accepted up to and throughout the LAUNCH OPTION BERLIN event.

In addition, we have many slots for live performances throughout the five-day period.  If you can be in Berlin in person during July 22-26 and would like to perform your music or play your sounds, please contact us by email at launch {AT} opsound.org

Contact Info:

launch {AT} opsound.org


About Rocket Shop: 

Rocket Shop was founded in 2001 by the artists Roger Frank and Laura Schleussner and featured monthly exhibitions in a store-front project space in Berlin through 2002. Rocket Shop is currently in orbit and currently presents regular exhibitions and events at venues in Berlin and abroad.

Reflecting the function of rockets and spaceships as symbols of progress and carriers of collective visions of the future, the exhibition project is not only interested in the visionary function of art. Rocket Shop also supports art as a means of investigating the human aspect and impact of the unending pursuit of technical, social and personal utopias.


About Opsound: 

Opsound (http://www.opsound.org) responds to recent upheavals in the music industry by creating an alternative structure for musicians and sound-based artists wishing to share and release music under a copyleft, or open source structure. Opsound will gather a pool of sound material from artists and encourage the development of both web-based and real-world micro labels to release artists' work. All work will be released under a Creative Commons license which permits free copying and modification (the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license, http:/www.creativecommons.org). In the second phase of operation, over the coming months Opsound will also begin to function directly as a record label in its own right focusing on experimental electronic music.

Opsound is a project of artist Sal Randolph. It is one of a series of artworks exploring the idea of social architecture as an art form. Other recent projects include Free Manifesta, The Free Biennial, and Free Words. More information can be found at http://www.highlala.com

With Open Arch BueroFriedrich presents a month-long series of summer shows, which invite artists and designers from the respective fields of architecture, publications, art and fashion to make use of the exhibition space for a 5-day period. The individual segments are not exhibitions in the traditional sense. Instead groups of artists and designers present projects which encourage interaction and participation on the part of the public. In conjunction with a series of talks, the series intends to generate active communication between the viewers and artists-producers. In some cases, projects will actually require and depend on on-site participation of the visitors. The core idea is to create a communicative space, in which the viewer is actively engaged
our program:

Ross Birrell - Envoy  (continued)
20.05. - 02.08.2003

Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday 12am - 6pm

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