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Flash Art on Thu, 21 Aug 2003 09:03:03 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] Flash Art Newsletter

<http://www.praguebiennale.org/> FLASH ART NEWSLETTER

The Prague Biennale is going to close on the 24th of August. Hurry up!!!

Dear friends, the Praguebiennale is going to shut its doors on the 24th
of August. Unfortunately, despite many requests, it is not possible to
extend the exhibition any further as part of the space is going to be
dedicated to another show that starts on the 7th of September; but I
promise that the next edition will be much longer. 
So hurry up and visit this wonderful initiative, which has been
considered by all the observers an exemplary and unique exhibition of
its kind, with more than 230 emerging artists chosen by 30 international
I am going to be in Prague on the 23rd and 24th (and also later on). If
anyone of you comes during these days I will be glad to take you around
to visit the show together. Anyone who can and wants to escape the
oppressive heat of these days should come to Prague, one of the most
beautiful cities in the world where you will definitely fall in love (as
it happened to some visitors and some artists at the opening). And do
not forget to visit the Praguebiennale at the National Gallery,
Veletrzni Palac. 
I am waiting for you. 
Yours Giancarlo Politi 

Flash Art July-September has now come out 

The new wonderful number of Flash Art International has come out and it
opens with the cover story dedicated to the Israeli-Danish painter Tal
R, who lives between Berlin and Copenhagen. 
The number is particularly rich and varied and it also dedicates some
pages to the Praguebiennale with reports by many artists.
The number continues with articles by Francesca Jordan and Carol Lu on
the most recent events in Peking; and then interviews by John Slyce with
Random Rules, by Jens Hoffmann with Brian Jungen, by Michele Robecchi
with Elmgreen A7 Dragset, by Srah Douglas with Tara Donovan. And also
The New Gothic by Michael Cohen, Mario Rizzi by Luca Beatrice. The
special dossier continues with Sculpture Forever*. Who hasnít done it
yet should immediately run and buy the last number of Flash Art, for an
end of summer rich of information on the most exclusive art of nowadays.

* Here is the list of international sculptors included in Sculpture
Forever: Ibon Aranberry, Stefan Banz, Massimo Bartolini, Olivier
Blanckart, Martin Boyce, Christoph Buechel, Bonnie Collura, Bjorn
Dahlem, Do-Ho Suh, Heri Dono, Olafur Eliasson, Elmgreen + Dragset, Ey
Day, Rob Fischer, Ceal Floyer, Wade Guyton, Rachel Harrison, Jay Heikes,
Stephen Hendee, Evan Holloway, Michael Joo, Brian Jungen, Ross Knight,
Marepe, Bjarne Melgaard, Rei Nait o, Damian Ortega, Jorge Pardo, Toby
Paterson, Sheila Pepe, Michael Phelan, Patricia Piccinini, Jonathan
Pylypchuk, Paul Henry Ramirez, Tobias Rehber ger, Eva Rotschild, Ricky
Swallow, Oscar Tuazon, Patrick Tuttofuoco, Wang Du, Gary Webb, Eric
Wesley, Pae White, Andrea Zittel.

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