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[Nettime-ro] gata!
Vlad Nanca on Wed, 17 Mar 2004 09:59:57 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] gata!

Dear all,

I am happy to announce that the fanzine is ready. There are 37 contributors and they all made it through. Someday next week we will release it and then it will be circulating. Here is the list of people, they were all great, believe it or not, no contribution was like other. Soon you will see it for real. 


Lucian Marin (supermagnet.ro)

Camil Dumitrescu (noise.ro)

Milos Jovanovic (hardisco.com)

Andy ‘Sinboy’ Luke

Alexe Popescu, Cristina Garlan

Gin, Ana, Pace

Andreea Leonte

Cosmin Costinas

Otilia Mihalcea (desen.ro)

Tom Wilson

Maria Popistasu

Paul Dersidan (negativ3.ro)

Cezar Lazarescu

Marina Albu

Mihai Nadolu


Catalin Rulea (roolytoons.ro)

Dan Piersinaru

Mihaela Kavdanska

Emanuel Borcescu 

Alexe Popescu (alexe.ro)

Bogdan Nestor

Ionut Jugunaru

Nita Mocanu, Diana Balog, Liviu Pop Ciprian Dicu

Valentin Chincisan

Ioana Nemes

Akira (manga.ro)

Stefan Tiron

Dani Macarie

Stefan Cosma

Angus Shamal (corpunit.com)

Alex Axinte

Stefan Cosma

Dina Dancu

Dorel Naste

Maria Draghici

Vlad Nanca


Vlad Nanca

Calea Grivitei 39, Apartament 8, Sector 1, 010703 Bucuresti ROMANIA
Tel +40 21 6504452   /  Fax +40 21 3121311  /  Mobile +40 723 240434

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