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[Nettime-ro] International ArtExpo 2004 Mexico - France - Spain
Proiect DCM Foundation on Thu, 11 Dec 2003 13:52:54 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] International ArtExpo 2004 Mexico - France - Spain

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From: Luca Curci 
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Sent: Thursday, December 11, 2003 3:44 AM
Subject: [International ArtExpo] 2004 > Mexico - France - Spain 

International ArtExpo 2004 > Mexico | 07/28 february 2004
ArtExpo is an international art event. Its object is to use new technologies to globalize the language of art, to connect the conceptual points of contact of artists working in every part of the world, all united in the thick plot of the world net. Painting, sculpture, photography, digital art, videoart - all manifest one common desire: to communicate with art, a language that breaks linguistic limits and every political and geographical barrier, that unites all religions, all peoples. If you wish to participate in this 2004 event, in collaboration with Observatorio Centro Experimental (Galeana 70 centro Morelia Michoacan - Mexico), please write me to: lucacurci {AT} lucacurci.com
Luca Curci - art director
info: +39 338 7574098

International ArtExpo 2004 > Video Festivals | Mexico - France (Paris) - Spain (Madrid)
Dear artists and friends,
I'm selecting all interesting video/film to include in the next ArtExpo Video.Exhibitions in Mexico, France and Spain. All works must be on DVD or MiniDV, no matter what the original source medium. The duration may be any, with a preference given to a max lenght of 1.5 hours. If the artists want to travel for the festivals, accomodation can be arranged cheap.
The first festival will be in Observatorio Centro Experimental (Galeana 70 centro Morelia Michoacan - Mexico), from 07 to 28 of february 2004.

The second festival will be in Festival SIGNES DE NUIT (Cinema BALZAC, 1, rue Balzac - 75008 - Paris) the 27 of march 2004.

The last will be in NONSTOP.MADRID.04, coordinated by Mª José de Cordoba Serrano, at the Pabellón de la Pipa del Recinto Ferial de Casa de Campo" in Madrid, from 30 of september to 04 of october 2004.
The deadline for applications is January 15, 2004.

If you are interested, please send your video submissions with a CV/biography, videography and an introduction about the piece to: 

Luca Curci
via Casamassima, 75
70010 - Capurso (Bari) - Italy
Thanks for your time,
Luca Curci - www.lucacurci.com 
phone: +39.338.7574098
e-mail: lucacurci {AT} lucacurci.com

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