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[Nettime-ro] o trupa romaneasca in "netlabels battle"
Felix Petrescu on Thu, 1 Apr 2004 09:55:06 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] o trupa romaneasca in "netlabels battle"

a bunch of (free) really good electronica tracks for your download pleasure
! also please vote for the song you liked most.

( we/ makunouchi bento are there too with a song - vote it only if you like
it: "makunouchi bento - rokurokubi part 2" )


WELCOME to the netlabel battle voting area. here's where you can download or
stream the submissions by participating labels and vote on the ones you
think are best. 

for this competition, there are two phases of voting: 
PHASE 1: this is the initial voting session, where the entries are divided
into two separate voting groups. after listening to all the songs in a
group, use the dropdown boxes to vote for the best (3 points), 2nd best (2
points) and 3rd best (1 point) song in that group. PHASE 1 will last 10

PHASE 2: after PHASE 1 ends, the top songs from both groups will go
head-2-head in PHASE 2 to determine the winner for this quarter. if the top
artists at the end of PHASE 1 are from the same label, PHASE 2 is bypassed
and that label is the winner. PHASE 2 lasts for 5 days. 

we suggest picking out certain characteristics, such as quality and effort,
when making your voting decision, and apply these factors evenly across ALL
entries according the style the artist intended. also, this ISN'T a
popularity contest; consider all applicants without label or style bias. but
you guys already knew that 

KTHX PLZ Have Fun and Enjoy the Tunez 


_waka x & qewza /makunouchi bento ^ TMbase

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