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[Nettime-ro] program Artist and Arms
vladimir bulat on Thu, 8 Apr 2004 23:42:45 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] program Artist and Arms

Frati artisti, am primit acest anunt-invitatie de la amicii mei din
Kaliningrad(ex Konigsberg), care organizeaza un proiect foarte
temerar...merita toata atentia celor ce intele esenta lui...



Partnership socio-cultural program “Artist and Arms”.
Contemporary art within the framework of military fair and military testing

Kaliningrad Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Centre for
Contemporary Culture at the Ural State University (Nizhny Tagil Branch),
Nizhny Tagil Institute for Metals Testing.

Senior curator
Umansky Eugeny (art director at the Kaliningrad Branch of the NCCA,
umansky {AT} ncca.koenig.ru)

Irina Tchesnokova (curator at Kaliningrad Branch of NCCA,
tchesnokova {AT} ncca.koenig.ru)
Oleg Lystsov (curator at the Centre for Contemporary Culture at the Ural
State University, Ekaterinburg, lystsov {AT} tagnet.ru)
Julia Gnirenko (curator at the Centre for Contemporary Culture at the Ural
State University, Ekaterinburg, wirt {AT} tagnet.ru)

The project provides a unique opportunity for partnership between the
military infrastructure and contemporary artists. The militarization of
consciousness is a fashionable disease of contemporary society.
Contradictions of the pro-military conditions and phenomena are actual
“field” implantations of the normal existence of contemporary man. In spite
of the pressure of public opinion, flavored with active pacifism, the
militant business doesn’t need the ideological shelter of the “morally
upright” to provoke continued military activity any more. At a time of
increasing globalization and the dependence of world economics on military
conflicts, one of the burning issues has become the militarization of
consciousness, viz. the acceptance by world powers and social institutions
of war as inevitability. A war that is skillfully manipulated in the news,
ads, PR-campaigns, fashion and art becomes a potential resonator of a
continuous show. The project is not pacifistic or pro-military. The
artists’ task is to choose the ideology of their artwork. The range of the
authors’ reflections on the issue is important. The zen beauty of weapon,
its utmost functionality, the newest technology and eroticism cannot but
arouse the interest of an artist-aesthete.   

Conditions of participation
Artists, musicians and theorists are welcome to take part
Submissions will be accepted in the form of multimedia, video and photo
documentation (CDR, DVD (ÐÑ format), VHS, photo)

Works sent by e-mail should not exceed 1 Mb.	
Deadline for submission – May 31, 2004

Project realization
June 2004 - Arms Fair «Russian Expo Arms 2004», Nizhny Tagil, Russia
September 2004 - Kaliningrad Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary
Art, Russia	
Press conferences, round-table and public discussions will be held within
the frameworks of the presentations  

A catalogue containing information on the project will be sent to every
www.ncca.koenig.ru/arms (the site will be developed as submissions are

Project history
In 2003 within the framework of the program “Artist and Arms” the art
project “The camouflage of everyday life – Tagil Tray. Contemporary Art in
the techniques of varnish painting on the metal surface”
www.ncca.koenig.ru/trays was realized. The artists’ sketches were used as
templates to paint trays (about 60) which preserved the characteristic
features of the traditional Ural varnish painting on metal. The wide range
of the artists’ interpretations of the war phenomenon encouraged the most
diverse and sometimes paradoxical works. The project was presented in 2003
at the International Museum Biennial in Krasnoyarsk (and received the jury
award for the best art project), at Nizhny Tagil State Museum for Fine
Arts, and the Ural Youth Museum in Ekaterinburg.
In January 2004 the International Science Conference was held at Ural State
University (Ekaterinburg) named “Tolerance in the Conditions of Local Wars:
Time-out or Moratorium”. About 30 reports were presented by various experts
on science and. A miscellany of the conference materials and an information
catalogue of the attendant exhibitions will be published.    

The Kaliningrad Branch of the National Centre for Contemporary Arts 
236000, Russia, Kaliningrad, P.O.Box 1582, e-mail: arms {AT} ncca.koenig.ru;



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