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perjovschi dan on Thu, 27 May 2004 09:07:39 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] Fwd: EAST international 2004

EASTinternational 2004
Selectors Neo Rauch and Gerd Harry Lybke

Opening Saturday 3 July from 6.00pm
Exhibition 3 July to 21 August 2004 

Alicia Paz Anja Schrey  Christiane Baumgartner  Christophe Ruckhäberle  Daniela Brahm  
Eric Fong  Etienne Zack  Frank Ahlgrimm  Hurvin Anderson  Jakub Dolejs  Janice McNab  Jennifer Walters  Jo Mitchell  John Timberlake  Justin Mortimer  Karen Brett  Lela Budde  
Liz Nicol  Martin Kobe  Mikael Eriksson  Ridley Howard  Rosa Loy  Rose Wylie  
Sean Dawson  Simon Collins  Susanne Kühn  Sven Braun  Tilo Baumgartel Toril Brancher  Trish Morrissey

EASTwork Commission Christopher Landoni bronze sculpture Norman Keep Norwich Castle
Edition prints for sale £30 each by Hurvin Anderson Anja Schrey  Christiane Baumgartner 
Christophe Ruckhäberle Rose Wylie

Information and images t. 01603 756247 Email info {AT} norwichgallery.co.uk www.norwichgallery.co.uk

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