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[Nettime-ro] incepem 3 fanzine dealine now extended
Vlad Nanca on Tue, 14 Sep 2004 21:32:21 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] incepem 3 fanzine dealine now extended

Salut. Inca se mai primesc contributii pentru nr 3 al fanzinului Incepem cu tema
VIITOR / FUTURE. Noul dealine este 3 Octombrie 2004. Detalii pe www.2020.ro/fanzine

Hi. You can still send your contribution to Incepem Fanzine no3 theme FUTURE. The
new dealine is October 3, 2004. Details on www.2020.ro


The fanzine INCEPEM continues with the third issue again with a very limited edition
of 10 copies. Anyone can contribute to the fanzine under the following conditions:
Every contribution needs to be size A4 and in 10 copies. Every copy of a
contribution will be used to make up the 10 copies of the fanzine. This way every
contributor pays for his own contribution. There can be sent an unlimited number of
pages as long as it is 10 times (example: a text of four pages would be made 10
times = 40 pages). Every page has to be used on both sides. There can be sent
photocopies, prints, b&w, color, plastic, textile etc with the condition that they
are size A4 and both sides are used. There is no restriction on the content as long
as it answers to the theme of the fanzine. Dar oricum sa arate sexy, baby. The theme
of the third issue is FUTURE. Every contribution will be sent on Sefan Tironís
address (Aleea Compozitorilor 6a, bloc 822, ap35, sc A et8, sector 6, Bucuresti).
When the 10 copies will be bound the fanzine will be released on a date and location


October 3, 2004

Donít forget: A4, both sides, 10 times Address: Stefan Tiron (Aleea Compozitorilor
6a, bloc 822, ap35, sc A et8, sector 6, Bucuresti)


Vlad Nanca

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