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[Nettime-ro] Dis Location
Vlad Nanca on Thu, 21 Oct 2004 11:09:59 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] Dis Location

Comunicat de presa

Dis Location 
Nano festival de atitudine contemporana
23-29 Octombrie 2004 Bucuresti
Organizat cu sprijinul: Casino Luxembourg, Pro Helvetia, B24FUN
Pentru detalii: Vlad Nanca +40(0)723240434, www.2020.ro
Dis Location este un rezultat al programului Re:Location organizat in mai multe tari
in ultimii 3 ani, in cazul de fata fiind vorba de Re:Location Academy in Luxembourg
in vara anului 2004. In orice caz Dis Location nu este doar un joc de cuvinte in
legatura cu Re:Location, fiexare din acesti artisti sau lucrarile lor vorbesc despre
lipsa unei apartenente bine definite.
Hsia-Fei Chang (Taiwan/Franta)
Performance - 23 Octombrie, Galeria Noua, 20.00h
Academiei nr 15 (vis a vis de Universitatea de Arhitectura)

Hsia-Fei Chang (www.hsia-fei.com) este taiwaneza dar traiste si lucreaza la Paris. A
expus si a performat in nenumarate locuri inclusiv Bienale la Moscova, Taipei sau
Tirana. A fost numita Regina Karaoke-lui iar sambata 23 octomrie va performa pentru
prima oara in Romania.
“Hsia-Fei Chang can rid us of the blues, she can make us plunge – with our own
consent – into images and atmospheres that change the world into travel-agency
posters, into calendar pictures or sonorous moods which dissipate nostalgia and
boredom. Whether she appears on stage dressed up as a good girl (with a
travel-agent’s looks) or as a rebellious chick gone bananas (I wear an impossible
wig and I keep moving in all directions, which has nothing to do with the song I’m
singing), whether she chooses to embody or explode the models she enacts, whether
she jiggles about on the stage dressed up as a lass that is too flashy or too exotic
for us to take t in, whether she plays back (I only pretend to) or in karaoke (this
is the contemporary appropriation of emotions sold and reproduced in millions of
copies), whether she does this in a setting typical of a night club in a town
counting less than 200000 inhabitants or on poor replicas of television studios,
Hsia-Fei Chang embodies – in a way that is so matter-of-fact, so self-detached and
so much conscious of discrepancies and ruptures (which is so trash..) – a whole
plethora of naïve and popular representations of the exotic (a Western product), of
happiness (laissez-moi chanter…), and of the cardboard woman (as conceived,
reproduced and disseminated by the culture industry).”
Alti artisti in programul festivalului Dis Location:
Jon Mikel Euba (Spania) 
Lecture/Presentation - 26 octombrie, 2020 Home Gallery, 19.00h 
Calea Grivitei 39, et 3, apartament 8 
Janek Simon (Poland) 
‘Carpet Invaders’ – instalatie video - 29 October, 2020 Home Gallery, 24.00h
Calea Grivitei 39, et 3, apartament 8 


Vlad Nanca

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