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[Nettime-ro] Jon Mikel Euba prezentare la 2020 Home Gallery
Vlad Nanca on Mon, 25 Oct 2004 22:58:22 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] Jon Mikel Euba prezentare la 2020 Home Gallery

Dis Location 

Nano Festival of Contemporary Attitude

23-29 October 2004 Bucharest



Jon Mikel Euba (Spain) 

Lecture/Presentation - 26 October, 2020 Home Gallery, 19.00h 

Grivitei 39, floor 3, apartment 8 


Organized with the support of: Casino Luxembourg, Pro Helvetia, B24FUN

For more details: www.2020.ro/dislocation



Jon Mikel Euba is an established Basque artist who in Bucharest will make a presentation of his work and carry out research and record material for new video work. His video works seem to be speaking the shaky political and social situation in the Basque Country; however, ‘they do not celebrate fear and don’t encourage the public’s speculative expectations. They insist on the autonomy of their contemplative handicraft of repetition in the same measure as they construct a scenography of latent expectation.’



Dis Location News:


You can now see images from Hsia Fei Chang’s performace at Galeria Noua and read a review by Stefan Tiron: http://www.2020.ro/dislocation/changperformance.htm 


The third and last event of the Nano Festival is Janek Simon’s ‘Carpet invaders’ interactive installation. You can come and play at the Home Gallery on Friday 29 at midnight. Details here: http://www.2020.ro/dislocation/simon.htm 

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