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kf arad on Sun, 7 Nov 2004 21:21:20 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-ro] prezentare kf arad

 KF - Cafe_club + alternative space for contemporary art
 Romania - 310099 Arad, 11 Avram Iancu Sq.
 e-mail: kf_kf {AT} k.ro
 KF crew: Ioana Eremias, Gabriel Cosma, Radu Cosma
 KF is an alternative space that has in wiew several dirrections:
- workshop of contemporary art
- cafe & club
- place of meeting and dialogue 
- information centre dedicated to consumers and creators of art
- project for alternative subsidizing and promotion of contemporary art
  The KF project was initiated by a group of young graduates, KF has been open since September 2nd, 2004, but it has been a place of meeting and discussion since its renovation. The main goal of KF is to bring contemporary art closer to people. Being also a cafe, it has a wider range of potential public which comes into contact with the art promoted here. The combination of exhibition place with commercial activity also solves to a certain extent the alternative financing of art. Out of profit brought by the cafe, we try to finance the projects initiated here.
  The KF_art programme is structured on monthly themes, emphasizing site-specific, interactive or documentary projects. Periodically, one-day events take place such as video projections, review presentations, discussions, meetings. These events are followed by musical evenings (mostly experimental), jam sessions.
KF also has an informative function. The public may browse among contemporary art albums and reviews, cultural publications and comics. By means of posters and flyers we permanently give notice of the events that take plce in other cities of Romania, in this way KF plays the role of a link between similar centres at home and abroad.
Events that have taken place at KF:
- Brend - interactive project - H.arta group (Timisoara_RO) in september, 2004
- Fanzine of Timisoara_presentation in september, 2004 
- noise, abstact hiphop and glitch event - DILL (Tokyo), dj sniff (NYC), Yutaka Makino (Amsterdam) in october, 2004
- ki {AT} kf retrospection of kinema ikon group of arad (projection of experimental films, mixedmedia, hypermedia) in october, 2004
- ink6_4 - exhibition of comic books with informative purpose + workshops, projections, presentation of hardcomics 3 (Bucarest_RO) in november, 2004

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