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[Nettime-ro] Fw: Zograf is vine/coming maine/tomorow!!!
Dicu Ciprian on Fri, 8 Apr 2005 15:05:23 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] Fw: Zograf is vine/coming maine/tomorow!!!

Aleksandar Zograf este una dintre dovezile vii ca, dupa cum spune, “este 
posibil sa faci ceva creativ si constructiv desi conditiile sunt 
nefavorabile.” Pare sa se simta de minune comunicand observatii extrem de 
personale sub forma de benzi desenate, si are o colectie de sute de desene 
facute in urma a ceea ce a vazut sau a simtit in stare hipnagogica, intre 
somn si stare constienta. Aleksandar crede ca, daca in trecut am explorat 
imprejurimile fizice si am facut harti dupa toate continentele, in viitor va 
trebui sa exploram peisajul mintii noastre, al lumii noastre interioare.

Gordana e obisnuita ca Aleksandar sa se trezeasca, sa-si ia imediat caietul 
de schite si sa deseneze lucruri pe care cumva le-a visat cu cateva secunde 
inainte. (unele din creatiile lui Aleksandar sunt bazate pe ceea ce se 
cheama “halucinatii hipnagogice”, pe care oamenii le au inainte de a adormi 
sau imediat cand se trezesc. Pot fi sau nu vizuale, pot fi 3 cadre dintr-o 
banda desenata sau pagini intregi, concepte, idei, sentimente stranii care nu 
sunt intotdeauna clar explicabile. El spune ca aceste viziuni par foarte 
ciudate, ca si cand ar veni dintr-o sursa interioara necunoscuta.)

Vino sa afli mai multe lucruri interesante despre Aleksandar si Gordana joi, 
pe 7 aprilie, la MNAC (Muzeul National de Arta Contemporana), Strada Izvor 
nr. 2-4, aripa E4, intrarea din Calea 13 Septembrie. Daca vii in jur de ora 5 
PM o sa prinzi prezentarea artistilor (si da, le poti pune si intrebari), o 
expozitie a broderiilor Gordanei dupa desenele lui Aleksandar, si workshop-ul 
de incalzire. And then on Friday 8th of April starting from 2pm only 

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Aleksandar Zograf is one of the living proofs that, as he puts it, “it is 
possible to do something creative and constructive even when the conditions 
are very unfavorable.” He seems to feel pretty comfortable with communicating 
deeply personal observations in the form of comics, and he has a collection 
of hundreds of cartoons drew on what he saw or felt in the hypnagogic state, 
between sleep and state of consciousness. Aleksandar believes that, if in the 
past we explored our physical surroundings and made maps of all continents, 
in the future we will have to explore the landscape of our mind, of our inner 

Gordana is used to Aleksandar waking up, grabbing the sketchbook and drawing 
things he kind of dreamt a few seconds before. 
some of Aleksandar’s creations are based upon what are called “hypnagogic 
hallucinations”, which people have before falling asleep or when they wake 
up. They may be visual or not, 3 panels of a comic strip or whole pages, 
concepts, ideas, strange feelings that are not all the time clearly 
explainable. He says that these visions seem very strange, as if they came 
from some unknown source within him. )

Come find out more interesting stuff about Aleksandar and Gordana on 
Thursday, the 7th of April, at MNAC (The National Museum of Contemporary 
Art), Izvor St. 2-4, wing E4, entrance from Calea 13 Septembrie). If you get 
there at about 5 o’clock PM you can catch the artists’ presentation (and yes, 
you can ask them questions), an exhibition of Gordana’s embroideries after 
Aleksandar’s drawings, and the warm-up workshop. And then on Friday 8th of 
April starting from 2pm only workshop! 

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HC Crew

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