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[Nettime-ro] contributii pentru Encyclopedia of the Cold War
Horea Avram on Mon, 2 May 2005 23:55:24 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] contributii pentru Encyclopedia of the Cold War

Informatia de mai jos nu are direct legatura cu topicul principal al
acestei liste, dar poate interesa pe unii dintre "abonati".


H-Net Announcement 		Encyclopedia of the Cold War
Location:	California, United States
Date Submitted: 	2005-04-25
Announcement ID: 	145496
ABC-CLIO, an award winning publisher of academic reference works, is
currently seeking contributors for a comprehensive reference
encyclopedia about the Cold War entitled "The Encyclopedia of the Cold
War: A Political, Social, and Military History."

Development is proceeding under the general editorship of Dr. Spencer
C. Tucker, formerly the John Briggs Chair of Military History at the
Virginia Military Institute, and Senior Fellow of the Military History
Institute at ABC-CLIO.

We are in need of qualified expert or academic authors for the
following entries in the work:

Antonescu, Ion (1882-1946), 500 words
Arms Sales, International, 1000 words
Bessarabia, 750 words
Bhutan, 500 words
Bondaras, Emil, 500 words
British Commonwealth of Nations (to 1991), 1000 words
Brunei, 500 words
Carrillo, Santiago (1915-), 300 words
Carter Doctrine (Protection of Persian Gulf oil), 500 words
Colombo Plan, 500 words
Draghici, Alexandru (1913-1993), 300 words
Eanes, António dos Santos Ramalho (1935-), 300 words
Gheorghiu-Dej, Gheorghe (1901-1965), 400 words
Gonzáles Marquez Felipe (1942-), 500 words
Hassan II, King of Morocco, 500 words
India, 1500 words
India: Armed Forces, 750 words
India-Pakistan Wars, 2000 words
Kashmir Dispute, 750 words
Macovescu, Gheorghe, 300 words
Manescu, Corneliu, 500 words
Mauer, Iron Gheorghe, 500 words
Michael, King (1921-), 300 words
Miloševic, Slobodan (1941-), 600 words
Morocco, 1000 words
Nepal, 750 words
Nonaligned Movement, 1000 words
Pakistan, 1500 words
Pakistan: Armed Forces, 750 words
Pintasilgo, Maria, 300 words
Rahman, Abdul, the Tunku, 300 words
Romania, 1500 words
Salazar, António de Oliveira (1889-1970), 600 words
Securitate (Directorate of State Security), 300 words
Silva, Anival Cavaco, 300 words
Singapore, 1000 words
Soares, Mario (1924-), 400 words
Spinola, António de , 400 words
Sri Lanka, 1000 words
Suárez González, Adolfo (1932-), 300 words
Tibet, 750 words
Transylvania, 500 words
Tunisia, 750 words
World Peace Council, 500 words

Interested potential contributors should contact ABC-CLIO directly at
the address shown for compensation and timeline details. Please attach
to your response a current CV detailing your academic qualifications
to discuss the subject in question and, if possible, a recent writing

	Aron Hsiao
Project Editor, Military History
136 Cremona Drive
Santa Barbara, CA, 93117-5505
(805) 968-1911 x130
(805) 685-9685 fax

Email: ahsiao {AT} abc-clio.com
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