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[Nettime-ro] Cover Story/17.05
Cosmin Costinas on Mon, 16 May 2005 23:57:51 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] Cover Story/17.05


Vas srdecne zve / cordially invites you

V úterý /  on Tuesday 17.05. od / from 19:00


uvedení a projekce DVD edice / launch and screening of the DVD edition
vyber soucasneho rumunskeho videa 

kurator Cosmin Costinas

C O V E R   S T O R Y

Cover Story is a subjective selection of recent video works by Romanian 
artists. Strangely enough, it speaks simultaneously about some general 
and the hardcore souvenirs, it starts on the cover and it can very well 
end in 
the backstreets. It is touched by nostalgia and sometimes by collective 
trauma, it speaks about history, about its denials and dreams, it 
speaks about 
new generations and revolutions-for-sale, but it is first and foremost 
the liberating storytelling. 

Dan Acostioaei & Ann Wodinski - Essential current affairs, 3´57¨, 2002
Cristi Pogacean - The Actors of Subliminal History, 2´57¨,2004
VERSION - Our playground, 17´18¨, 2004 
Ciprian Muresan - 3D Rubliov, 4´49¨, 2004
Ciprian Muresan - Un chien andalou, 0´51¨, 2004
Duo van der Mixt - The subway - A sweet memory, 14´40¨, 2003
Dan Acostioaei & Dragos Alexandrescu - Dave didn't make it, 0´54¨, 2004 
Kriszta Szabo - 2013, 7´40¨, 2002
Mona Vatamanu & Florin Tudor - Il mondo novo, 16´06¨, 2004

+ projekce filmu / screening of the film:
Stefan Constantinescu - Dacia 1300. My Generation.

curated by Cosmin Costinas

Bubenska 3, 170 00 Praha 7, CZ

Podpora: tranzit – iniciativa v oblasti soucasneho umeni / contemporary 
www.tranzit.org (supported by Erste Bank Group)

Dalsi podpora: Ministerstvo kultury CR / Umelec / Radio 1

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