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razvan_ion on Tue, 24 May 2005 07:41:58 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] lectures


"The Art, Thenologies and Culture" lecture series

Venue: Evire Popesco Hall, French Cultural Institute

. Friday, May 27, 2005

17.00 - 18.15  Lecture Dana Altman (USA),  "The Paradigm Shift".  
Digital art is a field in continuous growth. It started as a trend and 
it got to the point of the sophisticated virtual realities and the 
contemporary computerized systems. One of the major changes is the 
shift to computer-mediated forms of production, distribution and 
communication. In between, there was an intense exploration of various 
techniques which opened up a relatively unexplored field for artists, 
presenting numerous advantages and offering the added benefit of rapid 
dissemination of information. The lecture explores the cultural issues 
raised by the shift in the cultural paradigm, using as examples three 
types of art: robotic art, digital video, and digital sculpture by 
means of rapid prototyping, which illustrate this paradigm shift best.

  Dana Altman is theoretician, writer si curator.  Worked in research 
and teaching, studying linguistics and text history in Exter College, 
Oxford, UK and has a doctorate in linguistics. Since 1997 is assistant 
director of Westwood Gallery in New York. She writes contemporary art 
criticism and fiction. She is co-editor of artphoto. Lives and work in 
New York.

18.30 - 20.00 Lecture Mark Durden (UK), "Spectacular Vernacular". A 
lecture about the last work “Spectacular Vernacular” of his art group 
“Common Culture”. Formed in 1997, this British artists' group 
challenged and parodied American Minimalism through light box 
installations which appropriated fast food menus. They have moved on to 
address issues of consumerism and labour arising from the popular 
entertainment industry with video installations involving disc jockeys, 
comedians and bouncers.

Dr. Mark Durden is programme leader in photography at the University of 
Derby and has published extensively on photography and contemporary art 
in magazines. He is also part of the artists' group Common Culture, 
whose current project, Spectacular Vernacular, is touring venues in 
England. Lives and works in London.

. Saturday, May 28, 2005

15.30 - 17.00 Lecture John Goto, "The New World Circus - The Only Show 
in Town". In the March issue of artphoto you can read Goto's article 
about making the first image in his New World Circus series. In this 
lecture he will update us on its progress and discuss images from his 
notebooks and other forms of research material relating to both circus 
and the occupation of Iraq.

  John Goto is a well-known artist and writer and is Professor of Fine 
Art at the University of Derby. As an artist he has been exhibited 
around the world in galleries and museums like Tate Britain; MOMA, 
Oxford; Raab Gallery, Berlin; Seonam Arts Centre, Seoul; National 
Portrait Gallery, London; Fotografins Hus, Stockholm; and next at 
Galeria f5.6, Munchen. He lives and works in Oxford and is represented 
by Andrew Mummery Gallery in London.

17.00 - 19.00 Lecture John Bennette (USA), “Joy of 
Collecting/Collecting with Abandonement”. The secret of collecting is 
in educating the eye. To appreciate a work of art you have to 
appreciate a lot of other things. Educating the eye as opposed to just 
having taste. One of the most famous collectors in New York will talk 
about his passion.

John Bennette of New York City is the former Discovery Editor at "21st 
The Journal Of Contemporary Photography". He lectures, curates and 
writes about photography and collecting. He teaches an alternative 
course at The New School University in New York called "Collecting 
Photographs An Insider's View". He has juried various photo 
competitions the latest being the "A.I.R 2003" at the "Woodstock Center 
for Photography". In the November of 2002 a 16 page feature about 
Bennette's collection and his thoughts on the photo world as he sees it 
was published under the title "How One Man's Passion Is Changing The 
Way We Collect" in "Art & Auction" magazine's "Focus on Photography". 
He has served as a reviewer at Fotofest 2000, 2002 and 2004 Mr. 
Bennette is most known for his support of emerging artist and offers 
insightful observations and long term support. He is willing to look at 
most work especially silver gelatin and alternative processes. He first 
came to public attention while speaking on a panel headed by William 
Hunt in 1996 for AIPAD called the "Joy of Collecting."    
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