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[Nettime-ro] Performance Art Platform Tel Aviv
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[Nettime-ro] Performance Art Platform Tel Aviv

Ewa Rybska & Wladyslaw Kazmierczak at "Time Table" a special event for the first anniversary of
Performance Art Platform / Tel Aviv 

with performance:Meditation over broken glass

on June 9th 2005, the Thursday evening will start at 20:00

Performance Art Platform
The New Tel Aviv Central Bus Terminal, 4th Floor

(entrance floor, MacDonalds gate), Lewinsky st. 116

PO. Box. 59492, 61593 Israel

miklat {AT} zahav.net.il


Artistsic director: Tamar Raban +972 544 99 55 80

Curator: Yaron David +972 544 697369

Production: Hili Fridberg

Short performances and on going performances in the Performance Art Platform spaces.

The artists:

Lior Amir Kariel, Yifat Bar-Lev, David Behar, Tzvi Ben Eretz, Lea Dor, Doron Furman, Bayne Gatuhure, Hadass Gertman, Honi Hameagel, Boaz Harosh, Michal Hochman, Antoni Karwowski (Poland), Ewa Rybska & Wladyslaw Kazmierczak (Poland), Beni Kori, Stacy Kovner, Miri Krispin, Shahar Marcus, Karin Mendelovici, Lisa Masika, Roy Mordechai, Keren Or, Tamar Raban, Noa Reshef, Shachar Sarig, Michal Scheiber, Eithan Radoshinsky, Hezi Shoet, Liron Stenpress, Meir Tati, Sharona Venus, Hamar Yakhin.

Lectures of the guest artists from Poland

Antoni Karwowski, Ewa Rybska & Wladyslaw Kazmierczak

Performance Art Scene in Poland

Saturday, June, 11th 2005, at 21:00

Ewa Rybska & Władysław Kazmierczak
ewa_rybska {AT} poczta.onet.pl

wladyslaw_kazmierczak {AT} onet.pl

mobile: +48 603 075 758 

Ewa Rybska & Wladyslaw Kazmierczak started with the duo of male / female performers since 1997. They created the only one such duet of performers in Poland. Rybska & Kazmierczak performed together in Germany, Italy, Ireland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Belarus, Mexico, Korea, Indonesia, Finland, Canada, France, Great Britain, USA, Estonia, Israel and Poland. 

Ewa Rybska (1958) studied at the College of Art and Design in Minsk Mazowiecki. Lives in Slupsk, Northern Poland, Pomerania. She is a curator at the Baltic Gallery of Contemporary Art and a founder member of the Society of the Friends of Contemporary Art in Slupsk (1994), the society, which is the main organizer of the performance art projects. 
Wladyslaw Kazmierczak (1951) has worked as the live artist from 1974 creating hundreds of unique performances at major galleries, festivals, alternative venues and sites specific throughout the world (24 countries among others in Japan, Lithuania, Hungary, Switzerland, Belgium, Scotland). Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow 1971 – 1976 (MA). Kazmierczak produced a number of political performances based on aspects of freedom in communist - and paradoxically also in a new, democratic Poland. His work focuses on difficult and traumatic themes; political hypocrisy, issues of oppression, freedom and elimination of the origins cultures by the process of globalization. Kazmierczak very often used in performances his very ironic, grotesque and nihilistic attitude especially against to the empty, fashionable values. Since 1993 he became a curator and the organiser of the every year International Performance Art Festival “Castle of Imagination”. Since 1991 he is a director of Baltic
Gallery of Contemporary Art in Slupsk / Ustka. 

Trimite cele mai frumoase felicitari virtuale prietenilor tai!

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