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[Nettime-ro] Call for artists!
Horea Avram on Mon, 20 Jun 2005 23:30:16 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] Call for artists!

Call for artists!

Performance artists all around the world are invited to send proposals
for INPORT, International Video-Performance Art Festival, in Tallinn,
Estonia on November 2005.
INPORT  would like to bring artists from all around the world closer
to Estonian audience. This is non-profit Festival and unfortunately we
got a very small budget so we can only show your video/videos on the
singel screen. We can't offer artistic fees, accomondation or travel
expenses. After Festival we make the on-line cataloge on the Festival
web-site (http://www.inport.tk).
Last year we received nearly 260 videos from 19 countries, on the
INPORT Festival was presented 36 videos by artists from around the

Performance artists are invited to submit proposals for Festival in the
following categories:
Video-performance (performances made specally for camera)
Video documentary (video documentations of performances)

Formats accepted: VHS (PAL only), miniDV (PAL only), VCD, DVD

There's no limit of lenght, but please don't send the masters!
There are no official entry forms or entry fees!

Enclosed with the video/videos you must send the following (with
e-mail or  CD-R/Word document):
Performance artist or group name
Performance title
Statement of performance
Performance date, venue, Festival or event where it was first performed
Brief resume of the performance artist
Contact info (e-mail, postal address, etc.)

Deadline: 15.September 2005 (postal stamp)

No materials will not to be returned, but will be kept in the Festival
archive for the projects in the future and for interested curators and
artfestivals organizers!

Send all materials to:
Gert Hatsukov
Pikk 4-11

All deliveries from international participants must be marked:

If you have any questions, please contact: inport.festival {AT} mail.ee

With best,
Gert Hatsukov
INPORT curator and organizer
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