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razvan_ion on Fri, 30 Sep 2005 06:34:16 +0200 (CEST)

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[Nettime-ro] going public

 “Communities and Territories.
From the Balkans to the Baltic”
curated by claudia zanfi/aMAZE lab

MODENA: 15th October/ 30th November 2005 Urban interventions, workshops, films, debates


h.11.00 debate with artists in Formigine (Mo), Piazza del Castello; follow buffet.
h. 17.30 opening at cloister Public Library Delfini (Cso Canalgrande, Modena)
h. 19.00 performance at Dopo Lavoro Ferroviario (via N.Abate, Modena)
follow apetizer with music.

Info:  ++39-059- 209558 Assessorato Cultura Provincia di Modena
          ++39- 059- 416368 Assessorato Cutltura Comune di Formigne
         ++39-  02- 6071623 aMAZE lab –  www.amaze.it

ARTISTS: Ursula Biemann (Switzerland), Atelier Van Lieshout (Netherlands),
Aldo Runfola (Italia), Franco Vaccari (Italia), Pavel Braila (Moldavia), Stefan Rusu (Moldavia), Mircea Cantor + Version Magazine (Romania), Dan Perjovschi (Romania), Razvan Ion + Critical Factor (Romania), Calin Dan (Romania), Pawel Althamer (Poland), Gzregorz Klaman (Poland), Medusa Group (Poland), Deimantas Narkevicius (Vilnus).

From the centre to the Baltic
After a first fase in Larissa/Thessaly (Greece) the second event of GOING PUBLIC ’05 will take place in Modena and Formigine (15th October/30th Novembre 2005), and will form the basis for a set of cultural and economic exchanges between East ad West across the new European territories. This will take place with a network of partners and artists coming largely from ex-Soviet countries (Rumania, Moldova, Poland, Lithuania, etc..). After tracing the lines which cross the Mediterranean from Gibraltar to Cyprus, to the Middle East, Modena will be the stage for the works along the vertical line (that from the Balkans to the Baltic) which divided Europe into two halves.

Art works and installations will be produced specially for the occasion. Many of the invited artists will be in Italy for the first time.

The event is promoted and supported by Province of Modena in collaboration with:
Assessorato Cultura di Formigine, CentoStazioni, Dopo Lavoro Ferroviario, Biblioteca Civica Delfini, Ketucon Phone Center, Cinema 7B.
With support by Comune di Formigine, PRO-HELVETIA and BIM Banca Intermobiliare.

Media partners: Nuova Gazzetta di Modena, Drome Magazine, Modena Radio City.

With the patronage of: - DARC - Ministry of Culture, Rome - Regione Emilia Romagna Fondazione Pistoletto, Biella, Fondazione Adriano Olivetti, Rome Connecting Cultures, Milan, Deste Foundation, Athens Ministry of Arts, Athens Contemporary Arts Centre, Larissa Progress Wyspa Foundation, Gdansk Art and Time Foundation, Warsaw

Board members:
- Claudia Zanfi, artistic direction aMAZE lab
- Luigi Benedetti, Presidenza Provincia di Modena
- Lauretta Longagnani, Assessorato Cultura Provincia di Modena
- Bartolomeo Pietromarchi, direzione Fondazione Olivetti, Roma
- Carlos Basualdo, curatore NYC + Biennale Venezia
- Paul Domela, direttore Biennale Liverpool
- Anna Detheridge, fondatrice Connecting Cultures, Milano
- Yorgos Tzirtzilakis, critico arte + professore Univeristà di Volos
-  Marti Peran, critico  + professore Metropolis University
- Aneta Szylak, direzione Progress Foundation Wispa, Danzica
- Jerome Sans, direttore Palais de Tokio, Parigi
- Catherine David, direzione Documenta X

INFO + IMAGES: aMAZE lab: info {AT} amaze.it - www.amaze.it

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